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TKT43015 Takara Tomy Transformers Encore #20 Devastar Discontinued ¥8,000
TKT43025 Takara Tomy Transformers Chronicle 01 G1 Convoy & Movie Optimus Prime Discontinued ¥8,000
TKT47612 Takara Tomy TF Encore #20A Devastator (Animation Ver.) Discontinued ¥8,800
TKT48207 Takara Tomy GT-01 GT-R Prime Discontinued ¥8,000
TKT48208 Takara Tomy GT-02 GT-R Saber Discontinued ¥8,000
TKT48209 Takara Tomy GT-04 GT-R Maximus Discontinued ¥8,000
TKT48210 Takara Tomy GT-03 GT-R Megatron Discontinued ¥8,000
TKT83168 Takara Tomy UW01 Unite Warriors Superion Set Discontinued ¥12,000
TKT83172 Takara Tomy UW02 Unite Warriors Menasor In Stock ¥12,000

Transformers 2010

TKT38708 Takara Tomy Predaking 2010 Edition Discontinued ¥12,000

Transformers Chronicle

TKT43026 Takara Tomy Transformers Chronicle 02 G1 Megatron & Movie Megatron Discontinued ¥8,000

Transformers Dark of the Moon

TKT42233 Takara Tomy DA-15 Jetwing Optimus Prime Discontinued ¥11,840
TKT42273 Takara Tomy DA-32 Ultimate Optimus Prime Discontinued ¥12,640

Transformers Encore

TKT30346 Takara Tomy Transformers Encore 09 Special Omega Supreme Discontinued ¥8,000

Transformers Generations

TKT49020 Takara Tomy TG-23 Metroplex Discontinued ¥15,200

Transformers Go!

TKT48341 Takara Tomy Gokenzan Set Discontinued ¥8,000
TKT48342 Takara Tomy Gogekisou Set Discontinued ¥8,000

Transformers Masterpiece

TKT31673 Takara Tomy MP07 Masterpiece Thundercracker Discontinued ¥8,000
TKT34240 Takara Tomy MP09 Rodimus Convoy (Rodimus Prime) Discontinued ¥13,440
TKT36017 Takara Tomy MP04 Masterpiece Optimus Prime Convoy Full Comple Discontinued ¥14,400
TKT37819 Takara Tomy MP03G Starscream Ghost Ver. Discontinued ¥9,000
TKT38684 Takara Tomy MPM-02 Movie Masterpiece Bumblebee Discontinued ¥10,240
TKT39840 Takara Tomy Transformers MP-10 Convoy In Stock ¥17,600
TKT41993 Takara Tomy MP1L Convoy Final Production w/Sound Stage Discontinued ¥8,000
TKT42286 Takara Tomy MP11 Starscream Discontinued ¥10,400
TKT45999 Takara Tomy MP13 Soundwave Discontinued ¥12,640
TKT47434 Takara Tomy MP13B Soundblaster Discontinued ¥12,640
TKT48439 Takara Tomy MP10B Black Convoy Discontinued ¥10,240
TKT72302 Takara Tomy MP04 Masterpiece Optimus Prime Convoy Full Comple Discontinued ¥14,400
TKT78300 Takara Tomy MP08 Grimlock Discontinued ¥10,400
TKT78874 Takara Tomy MP03 Masterpiece Starscream USA Edition Discontinued ¥8,000
TKT80320 Takara Tomy Transformers MP22 Ultra Magnus Discontinued ¥14,400
TKT81692 Takara Tomy MP24 Star Saber Discontinued ¥14,400
TKT85337 Takara Tomy Transformers MP-31 Delta Magnus In Stock ¥14,400

Transformers Music Label

TKT76742 Takara Tomy Soundwave MP3 Player Sonic White Version Discontinued ¥8,000
TKT77205 Takara Tomy Soundwave MP3 Player Spark Blue Version Discontinued ¥8,000
TKT79162 Takara Tomy Soundwave MP3 Player Blaster Black Version Discontinued ¥8,000

Transformers Revenge

TKT34866 Takara Tomy RD-16 Constructicon Devastator Discontinued ¥12,000

Transformers United

TKT86252 Takara Tomy UW08 Unite Warriors Computron Discontinued ¥12,000
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