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ABE35245 Aber 1/35 Russian Light Tank BT-7 Model 1935 Photo-Etched Parts #1 Basic Set (for Tamiya) In Stock ¥3,600
ABE35246 Aber 1/35 Russian Light Tank BT-7 Photo-Etched Parts #2 Fenders (for Tamiya) In Stock ¥3,600
ABE35A120 Aber 1/35 Ammo Boxes & Trays for FlaK 18, 36, 37 (for All) In Stock ¥2,880
ABE35K10 Aber 1/35 Sd.Kfz.181 Tiger I Late Special Set In Stock ¥15,900
ABE35L-80 Aber 1/35 U.S Machinegun Barrel cal.50 Browning M2 HB In Stock ¥2,500
ABE35L-89 Aber 1/35 2cm L/65 Gun Barrel for Flak 38 w/storage Box In Stock ¥5,700
ABER-35 Aber 1/35 Hexagonal Bolts & Nuts In Stock ¥1,600
ADNANM35033 Adlers Nest 1/35 WWII US Army Antenna Base (MP-48) Set In Stock ¥560
ADNANM35034 Adlers Nest 1/35 WWII US Army Antenna for Vehicle (MS49-53) Set In Stock ¥800
ADNANM35035 Adlers Nest 1/35 WWII US Army Antenna Base (MP-48) for Jeep In Stock ¥640
ADNANR-0006 Adlers Nest Miniature Hex Bolt M1.0 (8pcs) w/Wrench In Stock ¥800
ADNANR-0007 Adlers Nest Miniature Hex Nut M1.0 (8pcs) w/Wrench In Stock ¥800
AKMAK35009 ARK Models 1/35 German 15cm Infantry Gun sIG 33 In Stock ¥2,295
AKMAK35016 ARK Models 1/35 German light Tank PzKpfw II Ausf D In Stock ¥2,720
AKMAK35018 ARK Models 1/35 German Light Tank PzKpfw II Ausf C In Stock ¥2,720
AMPMMIR-55 Ampersand Publishing Military Miniatures in Review #55 In Stock ¥1,500
AMPMMIR-56 Ampersand Publishing Military Miniatures in Review #56 In Stock ¥1,500
AOS00447 Aoshima 1/48 Remote Controlled JGSDF Type 87 SPAAG (Self-Propelled Anti-Aircraft Gun) In Stock ¥1,600
APM35133 Alpine Miniature 1/35 SS Panzer Crew Kursk #1 (1 figure & 2 heads) In Stock ¥1,680
ARF75009 Airfix 1/48 Single Storey Dwelling In Stock ¥3,200
ARFX5301 Airfix 1/48 Supacat HMT 400 Jackal (Afghanistan) In Stock ¥2,400
ARFX75009 Airfix 1/48 Single Story House (Resin) In Stock ¥3,200
ARFX75010 Airfix 1/48 Single Story Dwelling (Resin) In Stock ¥3,440
ARFX75011 Airfix 1/76 Narrow Road Bridge Full Span In Stock ¥2,560
ARI50501 Microace 1/1 M7 Bayonet (for M16) In Stock ¥640
ARI50502 Microace 1/1 Combat Sets: Hand Grenade Mk2/M67 In Stock ¥640
ARI50503 Microace 1/1 Combat Sets: Stiel Hand Granate 24 In Stock ¥640
ARI50504 Microace 1/1 Japanese & German Hand Grenade Set In Stock ¥640
ARI50505 Microace 1/1 Combat Sets: U.S. M18 Colored Smoke Hand Grenade In Stock ¥640
ARI50506 Microace 1/1 Colt Scope (for M16) In Stock ¥640
ARI50507 Microace 1/1 Combat Sets: Combat Light In Stock ¥1,440
ARI50508 Microace 1/1 AK-74 Bayonets In Stock ¥1,440
ARI50509 Microace 1/1 Survival Knife In Stock ¥1,440
ARI50510 Microace 1/1 Combat Sets: M9 Bayonet In Stock ¥1,440
ARI50511 Microace 1/1 Combat Sets: Survival Knife Type-A (Rubber) In Stock ¥1,440
ARI50512 Microace 1/1 Combat Sets: M9 Rubber Bayonet In Stock ¥1,440
ARI50513 Microace 1/1 US Combat Knife In Stock ¥560
ARI50514 Microace 1/1 US Combat Knife (Rubber) In Stock ¥560
ARI50515 Microace 1/1 Combat Sets: M7 Rubber Bayonet In Stock ¥960
ARI50517 Microace 1/1 M203 Grenade Launcher In Stock ¥2,880
BRNCB35100 Bronco Models 1/35 Buffalo 6X6 MPCV (2004-2006 Production) In Stock ¥9,120
BRNCB5035 Bronco Models 1/350 USMC M1A1 Abrams (4 Vehicle Set) In Stock ¥800
BRNCBA3555 Bronco Models 1/35 Aluminium Gun Barrel For US 155mm Howizer M114A1 (for Bronco) In Stock ¥880
CYVCH6764 Cyber Hobby 1/35 Pz.Kpfw.IV Ausf.B w/Schneeraumer System Schmidt In Stock ¥5,280
CYVCH6767 Cyber Hobby 1/35 Imperial Japanese Army Type 95 Ha-Go (Early) Japan Limited In Stock ¥5,280
DEFDW35024 DEF Model 1/35 Bushmaster Sagged Wheel Set (for Showcase) In Stock ¥2,000
DEFDW35028 DEF Model 1/35 GTK Boxer (GTFz) Sagged Wheel Set (for Revell) In Stock ¥3,200
DEFDW35035 DEF Model 1/35 Buffalo 6x6 MPCV Mich. XZL Sagged Wheel Set (Bronco) In Stock ¥3,000
DEFDW48004 DEF Model 1/48 WW2 German Styre Type 1500A Sagged Wheel Set (Tamiya) In Stock ¥1,000


DRA6603 Dragon 1/35 T-34/76 Mod.1943 Paste Turret w/Commander's Cupla Discontinued ¥5,760

In Stock

DRA6692 Dragon 1/35 German Fighting Elite In The East In Stock ¥1,920
DTH18745 Data House Firearms Use Manual In Stock ¥2,300
DTH70048 Data House Small Arms Encyclopedia In Stock ¥8,800
DVMDT35-011 Division Miniature 1/35 German Sd.Kfz.7 8ton Half Track Wheel Set (for Trumpeter) In Stock ¥2,200
DVMDT35-022 Division Miniature 1/35 M151A1 Gun Jeep Conversion Kit (for Tamiya/Academy) In Stock ¥4,900
DVMDT35-045 Division Miniature 1/35 German Boxer MRAV Wheels + Driver Set In Stock ¥3,800
DVMDT35-055 Division Miniature 1/35 MATV Wheel Set (Basic) In Stock ¥2,000
DVMDT35-058 Division Miniature 1/35 MATV Wheel Set (Wide) In Stock ¥2,000
DVMDT48-001 Division Miniature 1/48 Humvee Aggressive Pattern Compressed Tire Set (for Tamiya) In Stock ¥2,200
DVMDT48-007 Division Miniature 1/48 Special Forces CRRC Boat Set In Stock ¥2,200
FIRM031 Fairy Kikaku 1/72 Wolseley Postal Armored Car In Stock ¥1,500
FIRM032 Fairy Kikaku 1/72 JSDF Material Truck In Stock ¥2,000
FNMFM-33 Fine Molds 1/35 Type 4 Chi-To Type 4 Chi-To Planned Production Version In Stock ¥3,760
FNMFM-37 Fine Molds 1/35 Imperial Japanese Army Marching Set In Stock ¥1,440
FNMFM-40 Fine Molds 1/35 JGSDF Type 60 APC In Stock ¥3,200
FNMMG-72 Fine Molds 1/35 Type 4 Chi-To Barrel In Stock ¥960
FNMMG-73 Fine Molds 1/35 Type 73 Light Truck Etching Parts In Stock ¥1,040
FNMMG-74 Fine Molds 1/35 Type 4 Chi-To Etching Parts In Stock ¥1,040
FNMMG-75 Fine Molds 1/35 Type 89 I-Go Gun Barrel (Metal Gun Barrel) In Stock ¥720
FNMMG-76 Fine Molds 1/35 JGSDF Type 60 APC Photo-Etched Parts Set In Stock ¥1,120
FTB45331 Futabasha General National Defense Magazine Japan Self-Defense Forces FAN In Stock ¥1,100
FTB545267 Futabasha The People's Liberation Army In Stock ¥1,143
FUJ72237 Fujimi 1/72 JGSDF Type 10 MBT Prototype w/Dozer In Stock ¥1,440
GAK06664 Gakken The History of Guns with DVD In Stock ¥1,900
HBJ60353 Hobby Japan Real Action Pose: Gun Action In Stock ¥2,400
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