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Code Company Item Name Stock Status Price
WAVOP-411 Wave BJ-03 Pla-Support #1 For 3mm Ball Joint In Stock ¥240
WAVOP-413 Wave BJ-05 Pla-Support #1 For 5mm Ball Joint In Stock ¥240
WAVOP-414 Wave BJ-06 Pla-Support #1 For 6mm Ball Joint In Stock ¥240
WAVOP-435 Wave 1/144 Mobile Staff In Stock ¥384
WAVOP-431 Wave 1/100 Mobile Staff In Stock ¥384
WAVEV-22 Wave W.H.A.M.! Evangelion:3.0 AAA Wunder In Stock ¥29,800
WAVMK-35 Wave 1/20 Hummel Aufklarungs Panzer Kampf Flugzeug 50 In Stock ¥4,800
WAVMK-46 Wave 1/20 Gans Ground Type In Stock ¥5,440
WAVOP361 Wave AL Line 0.8mm (5pcs) In Stock ¥160
WAVOP363 Wave AL Line 1.5mm (3pcs) In Stock ¥160
WAVOP362 Wave AL Line 1.0mm (5pcs) In Stock ¥160
WAVOP364 Wave AL Line 2.0mm (3pcs) In Stock ¥160
WAVOP-352 Wave U-Vernier Flat Rectangle In Stock ¥240
WAVOP-381 Wave PC-02 Poly Cap 2mm In Stock ¥160
WAVOP-382 Wave PC-03 Poly Cap 3mm In Stock ¥160
WAVOP-383 Wave PC-04 Poly Cap 4mm In Stock ¥160
WAVOP-384 Wave PC-05 Poly Cap 5mm In Stock ¥160
WAVOP-371 Wave BJ-03 Ball Joint 3mm In Stock ¥160
WAVOP-372 Wave BJ-04 Ball Joint 4mm In Stock ¥160
WAVOP-373 Wave BJ-05 Ball Joint 5mm In Stock ¥160
WAVOP-374 Wave BJ-06 Ball Joint 6mm In Stock ¥160
WAVOP-351 Wave U-Vernier Flat Square In Stock ¥240
WAVOP-323 Wave G-Tank (Long L) In Stock ¥240
WAVOP-341 Wave O Bolt #01 In Stock ¥240
WAVOP-342 Wave O Bolt #02 In Stock ¥240
WAVHH-41 Wave 1/48 Flying Saucer Adamski Type In Stock ¥3,040
WAVGM-021 Wave Galaga Fighter GFX-D002b In Stock ¥2,880
WAVGM-022 Wave Solvalou (Xevious) In Stock ¥2,560
WAVFS-101 Wave 1/144 L.E.D Mirage Colus Version In Stock ¥2,890
WAVFS-68 Wave 1/144 Knight of Gold "Lachesis" In Stock ¥2,040
WAVFS-69 Wave 1/144 Patraqushe Mirage In Stock ¥2,040
WAVFS-152 Wave 1/144 Engage SR3 In Stock ¥3,060
WAVBK-202 Wave 1/35 Rabidly Dog PS Ver. In Stock ¥4,320
WAVFS-100 Wave 1/144 L.E.D Mirage In Stock ¥2,720
WAVFS-127 Wave 1/100 LED Mirage Translucent Armor In Stock ¥3,570
WAVBK-200 Wave 1/35 Scopedog Turbo Custom The Last Red Shoulder Set of 4 In Stock
Orders usually filled within 7-9 days
WAVFS-102 Wave 1/144 L.E.D. Mirage Sarion In Stock ¥3,060
WAVFS-107 Wave 1/144 Knight of Gold Ver. 3 In Stock ¥3,060
WAVUT-024 Wave 1/72 MAT Gyro In Stock ¥3,600
WAVFS-141 Wave 1/144 Engage SR1 In Stock ¥3,060
WAVFS-175 Wave 1/100 L.E.D. Mirage In Stock ¥4,930
WAVFS-103 Wave 1/144 L.E.D. Mirage Ver. 3 In Stock ¥3,570
WAVOP-011 Wave A-Spring (1.0mm) In Stock ¥96
WAVOP518 Wave Brass Wire C Mesh #120 (Reticulation 0.12mm, Wire Diameter 0.09mm) In Stock ¥368
WAVOP517 Wave Brass Wire C Mesh #100 (Reticulation 0.15mm, Wire Diameter 0.10mm) In Stock ¥368
WAVOP519 Wave Brass Wire C Mesh #150 (Reticulation 0.09mm, Wire diameter 0.07mm) In Stock ¥368
WAVOP512 Wave Brass Wire C Mesh #30 (Reticulation 0.61mm, Wire Diameter 0.23mm) In Stock ¥304
WAVOP511 Wave Brass Wire C Mesh #20 (Reticulation 0.99mm, Wire Diameter 0.28mm) In Stock ¥304
WAVOP513 Wave Brass Wire C Mesh #40 (Reticulation 0.45mm, Wire Diameter 0.18mm) In Stock ¥304
WAVOP-523 Wave NEW U-Vernier (Square) M In Stock ¥240
WAVOP-524 Wave NEW U-Vernier (Square) S In Stock ¥240
WAVOP-521 Wave NEW U-Vernier (Round) M In Stock ¥240
WAVOP-522 Wave NEW U-Vernier (Round) S In Stock ¥240
WAVOP-554 Wave A-Spring (No.4 Black 4.0mm) In Stock ¥192
WAVSK-44 Wave 1/35 Silent Star Fenics AT-05D Backordered
Usually ships within 4 to 6 weeks
WAVKM-03 Wave 1/72 Genesis Climber Mospeada Legioss Iota Armosoldier Backordered
Usually ships within 4 to 6 weeks
WAVCJ-013 Wave 1/100 Crusher Joe: Fighter 1 & Fighter 2 (w/Galleon) Out of Stock
Usually ships within 4 to 6 weeks
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