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Ikki Tousen

AIZ90120 1/6 Battle Vixens: Shiryuu Chouun Cheerleading Ver. (Blue) from Aizu  Our Price: ¥16,020 (List Price: ¥17,800 , You Save ¥1,780 ) In Stock
AIZ90154 1/6 Ikki Tousen: Choun Shiryu Cami Ver (White) from Aizu  Price: ¥17,800 In Stock
AIZ90159 1/6 Ikki Tousen Mouki Bachou (Cami Ver.) White from Aizu  Price: ¥17,800 June 2017 Release

When do I have to pay for my pre-order?

AMG31009 1/6 Shokatsuryou Koumei Festival Ver. Polystone Completed from Amie Grand  Our Price: ¥11,520 (List Price: ¥12,800 , You Save ¥1,280 ) Out of Stock
Usually ships within 4 to 6 weeks
ORT85361 1/6 Battle Vixens: Shiryu Chou'un Bunny Special. from Orcatoys  Price: ¥14,800 In Stock
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