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TDLDTM14HBO-CRF D.T.mate14 Hohori: Bobbed Hair, Cream Skin (Full Option) from Tokyo Doll Price: ¥100,925 In Stock
AZNHAC650AHM 1/3 Devil Homura Akemi (Obitsu 50cm body) from Azone Price: ¥65,000 In Stock
AZNHAC648LVT 1/3 The Seven Deadly Sins Leviathan from Azone Our Price: ¥50,350 (List Price: ¥53,000 , You Save ¥2,650) In Stock
AZNHAC656SMR 1/3 Valkyrie Drive Mermaid Mirei Shikishima from Azone Price: ¥56,000 In Stock
AZNHAC655TKR 1/3 The Asterisk War Kirin Todo Obitsu 50cm body from Azone Price: ¥56,000 Order Stop
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