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ALJ79734 Shin Godzilla: Fourth Form (Reissue) Polyresin from Chikyu Boueigun Himitsukichihonbu  Our Price: ¥31,500 (List Price: ¥35,000 , You Save ¥3,500 ) June 2017 Release

When do I have to pay for my pre-order?

PRS90479 Premium Bust Bio Booster Armor Guyver: Guyver I Bust PBGV-01 Polystone from Prime 1 Studio  Our Price: ¥30,510 (List Price: ¥33,900 , You Save ¥3,390 ) Order Stop
MEG82336 Variable Action Hi-SPEC Super Dimension Century Orguss: Orguss II For General Soldier from Mega House  Price: ¥35,000 Order Stop
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