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Battle Spirits

BANN15074 Bandai Battle Spirits Twelve God-Kings Editing Vol.5 Booster Pack BS39: 1 Box (20pcs) Discontinued ¥3,400


BANN15687 Bandai Digimon Universe Appli Monsters: Card Game Booster Pack Vol.3 (AM-BT3): 1 Box (20pcs) Order Stop ¥3,400


BANN13621 Bandai Data Carddass: Disney Magic Castle 4-Pocket Binder Order Stop ¥1,200

Dragon Ball

BANN17087 Bandai Super Dragon Ball Heroes: Official Premium Sleeve: 1 Box (12pcs) Order Stop ¥4,896
BANN15667 Bandai Super Dragon Ball Heroe Official 4 Pocket Binder Set Mar. 2017 Release

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Granblue Fantasy

BANN15005 Bandai Granblue Fantasy: Trading Card Game Booster Pack Distant Blue Sky GBF-BO04 1 Box 20pcs Discontinued ¥5,100

Gundam War

BANN15681 Bandai Gundam Cross War: Booster Pack "Hyper Mega Particle Cannon, Fire!" GCW-B006: 1 Box (20pcs) Order Stop ¥5,100

Kamen Rider Ex-Aid

BANN14998 Bandai DCD Kamen Rider Battle Ganbarising: Ganbarising Gashatto & 4-Pocket Binder Set Order Stop ¥3,150

Monster Hunter

BANN13678 Bandai Monster Hunter Stories Card Game Vol.2 Booster Pack MH02: 1 Box (20pcs) Discontinued ¥3,400

Sunrise Crusade

BANN17084 Bandai Sunrise Crusade Heroes of Dawn Edition -Myths in Other Worlds- Booster Pack (SC27-B): 1 Box (15pcs) May 2017 Release

When do I have to pay for my pre-order?

BANN14996 Bandai Sunrise Crusade Vol.26 Infinite Relief SC26-B: 1 Box (15pcs) Discontinued ¥3,768

Super Robot Wars

BANN15084 Bandai Super Robot Wars V: Crusade -New Voyage- (SRW-CB01): 1 Box (15pcs) Discontinued ¥4,003
BANN15085 Bandai Super Robot Wars V: Crusade Starter Set (SRW-ST01) Discontinued ¥850
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