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BANN08097 Bandai CP-016 Tire Wheel set 05 (24/25 wide) Oct. 2016 Release

When do I have to pay for my pre-order?

BAN938418 Bandai Top Roller & Front Under Roller Set In Stock ¥320
BAN939671 Bandai Positioning Rear Roller Set In Stock ¥240
BAN943432 Bandai Slide Wheel & Tire Set In Stock ¥320
BAN943429 Bandai Lock Wheel & Tire Set In Stock ¥320
BAN941036 Bandai Landing Under Guard In Stock ¥240
BAN943428 Bandai Setting Roller Set In Stock ¥160
BANN09435 Bandai Dragon Twister Quick Speed Custom In Stock ¥2,125
BANN09437 Bandai GD-009 Inivero Cougar In Stock ¥1,020
BANN09434 Bandai GD-008 Dragon Twister In Stock ¥1,020
BANN10502 Bandai CP-014 Tough Shaft In Stock ¥255
BAN941911 Bandai Front Adjust Stay In Stock ¥320
BANN05991 Bandai CP-005 Tire Wheel Set 02 (25/25) In Stock ¥245
BANN05992 Bandai CP-006 Front Bumper Set 01 (3 Angles) In Stock ¥245
BANN05990 Bandai GD-004 Brain Geminus In Stock ¥840
BANN05995 Bandai CP-008 Front Unit Double Shaft In Stock ¥350
BANN08098 Bandai CP-015 Front Unit 02 Steering Set In Stock ¥425
BAN931884 Bandai Slide Front Roller Set In Stock ¥240
BAN932137 Bandai Light Weight Racing Tire In Stock ¥224
BAN931887 Bandai Adjust Rear Roller Set In Stock ¥240
BAN931886 Bandai Setting Roller In Stock ¥160
BAN934041 Bandai Rear Wide Adapter & Roller Set In Stock ¥240
BAN932167 Bandai Side Assist Roller Set In Stock ¥160
BAN932166 Bandai Aero Double Roller Set In Stock ¥320
BAN934086 Bandai Big Wheel & Tire Set In Stock ¥224
BAN934040 Bandai Lock Wheel & Tire Set In Stock ¥320
BAN934087 Bandai Rear Stabilizer Set In Stock ¥160
BAN934077 Bandai Metal Bearing Set In Stock ¥200
BAN934083 Bandai Aerowing Set In Stock ¥200
BAN934065 Bandai Homing Gray In Stock ¥760
BANN07579 Bandai DG-006 Blanka Tigro In Stock ¥840
BANN02300 Bandai RC-01 Master Speed Way In Stock ¥7,500
BANN02299 Bandai CG-001 Racing Carry Case In Stock ¥2,100
BANN02292 Bandai DG-003 Burst Phoenixion In Stock ¥840
BANN02290 Bandai GD-001 Dragon Gale In Stock ¥840
BANN02293 Bandai CP-002 High Speed Gearset In Stock ¥140
BANN02295 Bandai CP-003 Tire & Wheel Set 01 In Stock ¥245
BANN02294 Bandai CP-001 Power Custom Motor In Stock ¥350
BANN02298 Bandai CP-004 Racing Gear Oil In Stock ¥385
BANN02291 Bandai GD-002 Knight Cougar In Stock ¥1,020
BANN06011 Bandai GD-005 Luchs Kabahn In Stock ¥1,020
BANN06324 Bandai CP-012 Rear Bumper Set 01 Stabilizer In Stock ¥245
BANN06323 Bandai CP-011 Lev Custom Motor In Stock ¥350
BANN06309 Bandai CP-009 Side Shields Set In Stock ¥245
BANN04182 Bandai CP-007 Tire Wheel Set 03 (23/26 Wide) In Stock ¥280
BANN08096 Bandai CP-010 Tire & Wheel Set 04 (25/26) In Stock ¥245
BANN08095 Bandai CP-013 High Torque Gear Set (3.75: 1) In Stock ¥170
BANN10520 Bandai CP-017 Racing Mesh Out of Stock
Usually ships within 4 to 6 weeks
BANN07580 Bandai GD-007 Super Bradion Out of Stock
Usually ships within 4 to 6 weeks
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