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Code Company Item Name Stock Status Price
CSP48138 Cospa Misaki & Emi Can Badge Set In Stock ¥570
CSP44536 Cospa Nako Japanese Handy Fan In Stock ¥1,710
CSP34640 Cospa Ryouran Gakuen Emblem Patch In Stock ¥1,800
CSP32837 Cospa Crystal Hoshikawa Version Can Badge Set In Stock ¥760
CSP32839 Cospa Kaguyama Hime Version Can Badge Set In Stock ¥760
CSP30641 Cospa Ryouhei & Mukuro Pouch In Stock ¥1,710
CSP48252 Cospa Zeon E.A.F. Straight Tumbler In Stock ¥1,425
CSP48253 Cospa E.F.F. Far East Straight Tumbler In Stock ¥1,425
CSP42859 Cospa Neo Zeon Pin Backordered
Usually ships within 4 to 6 weeks
CSP68080 Cospa Danganronpa3: -The End of Hope's Peak High School- Future Foundation Pin Badge Order Stop ¥1,140
CSP68081 Cospa Danganronpa3: -The End of Hope's Peak High School- Hope's Peak High School Pin Badge Order Stop ¥1,140
CSP68082 Cospa Danganronpa3: -The End of Hope's Peak High School- Despair Pins Order Stop ¥1,140
CSP48175 Cospa Miki Hoshii Carabineer Out of Stock
Usually ships within 4 to 6 weeks
CSP46181 Cospa Anaheim Carbineer Out of Stock
Usually ships within 4 to 6 weeks
CSP22909 Cospa AE Name Card Case Out of Stock
Usually ships within 4 to 6 weeks
CSP56494 Cospa Schwarzer Hase Detachable Patch Out of Stock
Usually ships within 4 to 6 weeks
CSP22899 Cospa Char Custom Name Card Case Discontinued ¥950
CSP22897 Cospa Operation V Name Card Case Discontinued ¥950
CSP28786 Cospa EFSF Leather Bracelet Discontinued ¥1,275
CSP20485 Cospa Kashimashi Pass Case Discontinued ¥1,105
CSP24828 Cospa Sanada Can Badge Set Discontinued ¥342
CSP24830 Cospa Maeda Can Badge Set Discontinued ¥342
CSP24829 Cospa Date Can Badge Set Discontinued ¥342
CSP28782 Cospa RX-78 Leather Bracelet Discontinued ¥1,275
CSP28781 Cospa MS-06 Leather Bracelet Discontinued ¥1,275
CSP15577 Cospa Panic Motion Name Card Case Discontinued ¥850
CSP15575 Cospa Goblin Name Card Case Discontinued ¥850
CSP16566 Cospa Furukawa Nagisa Name Card Case Discontinued ¥850
CSP16443 Cospa Anaheim Electronics Pass Case Discontinued ¥1,105
CSP16445 Cospa EFSF Coin Case Discontinued ¥808
CSP16444 Cospa Amuro Pass Case Discontinued ¥1,105
CSP17197 Cospa Amuro Waist Pouch Discontinued ¥1,530
CSP09651 Cospa Mithril Emblem Patch Discontinued ¥1,530
CSP12695 Cospa EF Force Patch Discontinued ¥2,550
CSP410195 Cospa One Piece Mugiwara Pirates Tin Clock Discontinued ¥2,250
CSP40891 Cospa Kud Wafter Glass Discontinued ¥950
CSP40957 Cospa Sanada Yukimura Glass Discontinued ¥950
CSP40958 Cospa Date Masamune Glass Discontinued ¥950
CSP40953 Cospa Shizuo & Izaya Tin Clock Discontinued ¥2,250
CSP40952 Cospa Dollars Tin Clock Discontinued ¥2,250
CSP42296 Cospa Hancock Refill Bottle Discontinued ¥855
CSP46109 Cospa Sharingan Carabiner Discontinued ¥950
CSP42860 Cospa Anaheim School Pin Discontinued ¥1,140
CSP42861 Cospa The Vist Foundation Pin Discontinued ¥1,140
CSP42978 Cospa Nerine Tin Clock Discontinued ¥2,250
CSP44143 Cospa Fate Testarossa Refill Bottle Discontinued ¥855
CSP51986 Cospa Utena Fastener Pouch Discontinued ¥1,140
CSP41417 Cospa Steins;Gate Custom Stickers Discontinued ¥1,900
CSP41379 Cospa Sweet Pool Glass Discontinued ¥950
CSP43823 Cospa Gintama Custom Sticker Discontinued ¥1,900
CSP50619 Cospa Kakashi Eye Mask Discontinued ¥1,140
CSP40146 Cospa Mahiru Inami Glass Discontinued ¥950
CSP40340 Cospa Hinagiku Beach Sandal Discontinued ¥1,425
CSP40228 Cospa Ace Pass Case Discontinued ¥1,140
CSP40230 Cospa Trafalgar Law Pass Case Discontinued ¥1,140
CSP40162 Cospa Dollars Mini Pendant Discontinued ¥1,425
CSP32996 Cospa Nyan-Nyan Card Case Discontinued ¥950
CSP33001 Cospa VF-25 Team Emblem Patch Discontinued ¥950
CSP33000 Cospa SMS Emblem Patch Discontinued ¥950
CSP32992 Cospa Alto Business Card Case Discontinued ¥950
CSP32991 Cospa SMS Business Card Case Discontinued ¥950
CSP32993 Cospa Sheryl Business Card Case Discontinued ¥950
CSP32994 Cospa Ranka Business Card Case Discontinued ¥950
CSP35227 Cospa Can Badge Sky Set Discontinued ¥760
CSP35234 Cospa Reborn Can Badge Mist Set Discontinued ¥760
CSP35241 Cospa Reborn Can Badge Tsuna & Hibari Set Discontinued ¥760
CSP37399 Cospa Patlabor Tie Pin Discontinued ¥1,020
CSP37550 Cospa Hijikata Tin Clock Discontinued ¥2,500
CSP37397 Cospa Shaft Security System Tie Pin Discontinued ¥1,140
CSP30021 Cospa Noumi Kudryavka Name Card Case Discontinued ¥950
CSP29738 Cospa Fate/tiger colosseum Saber Coin Case Discontinued ¥855
CSP30363 Cospa Yukimura Sanada Leather Bracelet Discontinued ¥1,425
CSP30298 Cospa Laughing Man Scrap Paper Discontinued ¥381
CSP33761 Cospa Muv-Luv Can Badge Set A Discontinued ¥760
CSP33848 Cospa Kudryavka Tissue Box Cover Discontinued ¥950
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