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Code Company Item Name Stock Status Price
BAN994414 Bandai Movie Monster EX: King Caesar In Stock ¥1,280
BAN989219 Bandai Godzilla Egg: Godzilla 2014 In Stock ¥800
BAN984118 Bandai Godzilla Egg: Godzilla In Stock ¥800
BANN07738 Bandai Monster King Series: Godzilla Final Wars In Stock ¥3,840
BAN994410 Bandai Movie Monster EX: Mecha Godzilla In Stock ¥1,280
BAN994403 Bandai Movie Monster EX: King Ghidorah Dec. Restock ¥1,280
BAN994404 Bandai Movie Monster EX: Godzilla 1968 Dec. Restock ¥1,280
BAN994415 Bandai Movie Monster EX: Rainbow Mothra Out of Stock
Usually ships within 4 to 6 weeks
BAN03525 Bandai 1/350 Mecha Godzilla Discontinued ¥560
BAN37422 Bandai Godzilla Discontinued ¥1,600
BAN48819 Bandai Destroyer Discontinued ¥3,360
BAN61864 Bandai Fire Radon (Old Color) Discontinued ¥480
BAN71068 Bandai King Ghidrah Soft Vinyl Discontinued ¥3,184
BAN78087 Bandai Real Action Godzilla 2001 Discontinued ¥3,040
BAN900880 Bandai Walking Gaigan Discontinued ¥6,240
BAN900881 Bandai Walking King Ghidrah Discontinued ¥6,240
BAN900882 Bandai Walking Godzilla Discontinued ¥6,400
BAN903065 Bandai Roaring DX Godzilla (RC) Discontinued ¥8,000
BAN903112 Bandai Soft Vinyl Mothra Discontinued ¥1,440
BAN903111 Bandai King Ghidrah 2002 Soft Vinyl Discontinued ¥1,600
BAN903110 Bandai Godzilla 2002 Soft Vinyl Discontinued ¥1,440
BAN903152 Bandai Godzilla 1st Discontinued ¥560
BAN906045 Bandai RA Godzilla GMK: Giant Monsters All-Out Attack Version Discontinued ¥3,040
BAN906765 Bandai PS Godzilla Vol. 02 (vs Baragon) Discontinued ¥624
BAN906764 Bandai PS Godzilla Vol. 01 (Yokohama) Discontinued ¥624
BAN911806 Bandai G Force Mogura (Mole) Discontinued ¥560
BAN911803 Bandai Sound Godzilla 2003 Discontinued ¥1,280
BAN911805 Bandai Fire Radon Discontinued ¥560
BAN911873 Bandai Chosoko (Super Armored) DX Mechagodzilla Discontinued ¥3,984
BAN911865 Bandai GD-45 Chogokin Mechagodzilla 2003 Discontinued ¥3,840
BAN911867 Bandai MM Mechagodzilla 2003 w/Weapon Discontinued ¥1,440
BAN911869 Bandai MM Godzilla Jr. (1975) Discontinued ¥560
BAN911870 Bandai MM Mechagodzilla (1975) Discontinued ¥560
BAN913684 Bandai PS Mecha Godzilla 2003 Discontinued ¥624
BAN913683 Bandai PS Godzilla 2003 Discontinued ¥624
BAN916144 Bandai GD-45M Mecha-Godzilla 2003 Plated Version Discontinued ¥4,930
BAN916147 Bandai MM King Caesar Discontinued ¥560
BAN916146 Bandai MM Godzilla 1974 Discontinued ¥560
BAN916145 Bandai GD-56 Mecha-Godzilla 1974 Discontinued ¥5,440
BAN919855 Bandai IR Control Godzilla 2004 Discontinued ¥3,184
BAN919847 Bandai GD-57 Mecha-Godzilla 2004 Discontinued ¥3,984
BAN919854 Bandai S. Armored DX Mecha-Godzilla 2004 Discontinued ¥3,984
BAN919856 Bandai Godzilla Figure Set Discontinued ¥2,384
BAN919862 Bandai MM Mecha Godzilla 2004 w/Drill Discontinued ¥1,440
BAN919849 Bandai MM Mecha Godzilla 2004 Heavy Weapons Type Discontinued ¥1,440
BAN919853 Bandai DX Godzilla 2004 (28cm) Discontinued ¥3,200
BAN919848 Bandai MM Godzilla 2004 Discontinued ¥1,440
BAN922729 Bandai Scene M-6: Godzilla vs Mothra 2004 Discontinued ¥624
BAN922728 Bandai Scene M-5: Godzilla vs Mecha Godzilla 2004 Discontinued ¥624
BAN922812 Bandai GD-56M Mecha-Godzilla 1974 Plated Discontinued ¥6,000
BAN922991 Bandai GD-76M Gaigan 2005 Plated Version Discontinued ¥5,525
BAN925457 Bandai Godzilla 50th Memorial Box Movie Monster 20pcs Set Discontinued ¥16,000
BAN925511 Bandai DX Attack Sound Godzilla 2005 Discontinued ¥4,000
BAN925514 Bandai MM Gaigan 2005 Discontinued ¥1,440
BAN925513 Bandai MM Mothra 2005 Discontinued ¥1,600
BAN925519 Bandai MM Minira Discontinued ¥560
BAN925515 Bandai MM Monster X Discontinued ¥1,440
BAN925518 Bandai MM Angiras 2005 Discontinued ¥560
BAN925516 Bandai MM Kaiser Ghidrah Discontinued ¥2,240
BAN925517 Bandai MM Radon 2005 Discontinued ¥560
BAN925512 Bandai MM Godzilla 2005 Discontinued ¥1,440
BAN925521 Bandai Godzilla Super Chronicle Discontinued ¥2,400
BAN925523 Bandai Popynica Gohten-Go (Atragon) 2005 Discontinued ¥3,200
BAN925520 Bandai MM Alien X Discontinued ¥560
BAN931563 Bandai MM Gaigan 2005 Power up Type Discontinued ¥1,600
BAN931889 Bandai M-8 Godzilla Vol. 8 Discontinued ¥1,524
BAN931888 Bandai M-7 Godzilla Vol. 7 Discontinued ¥1,524
BAN931993 Bandai GD-76 Gaigan 2005 Repaint Ver Discontinued ¥5,525
BAN932962 Bandai MM Mecha Godzilla 2004 Discontinued ¥560
BAN932961 Bandai MM Godzilla 2005 Discontinued ¥560
BAN932963 Bandai MM Mothra 2004 Imago Type Discontinued ¥560
BAN932964 Bandai MM Gaigan 2005 Discontinued ¥960
BAN934855 Bandai MM Radon 2005 Discontinued ¥560
BAN934856 Bandai MM Angiras 2005 Discontinued ¥560
BAN934854 Bandai MM Destroyah Discontinued ¥960
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