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Code Company Item Name Stock Status Price
MOE2011 Moebius 1/8 Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Superman (Statue) Jan. 2017 Release

When do I have to pay for my pre-order?

DAK014 Daiki Kogyo 1/4 Majikina Mina Resin Kit Discontinued ¥27,200
FEW022 Fewture O.I.P. (Operation In Progress) Discontinued ¥31,320
GESGG-14 Gesse/GTZ 1/4 Belldandy Discontinued ¥35,000
KBYGA-25 Kotobukiya Docking Genesic Gao Gai Gar Discontinued ¥39,800
KBYGG-81 Kotobukiya 1/7 Lilith Discontinued ¥30,000
KBYKL-14 Kotobukiya 1/6 Kamen Rider V3 & Hurricane Resin Kit Discontinued ¥32,300
KRS11219 Kurushima No.617 Ruby White Statue Kit Discontinued ¥32,000
KYD891 Kaiyodo 1/72 KOG (AT) Discontinued ¥34,200
KYDFS100-01 Kaiyodo 1/100 Yen-Xing Discontinued ¥28,800
KYDGK-02 Kaiyodo 1/4 Super Sailor Moon Discontinued ¥31,500
KYDSMP-01 Kaiyodo 1/7 SMP KoKo Strikes Back! Discontinued ¥39,800
KYDWSC-023 Kaiyodo Type 3 Mecha Godzilla High Mobility Discontinued ¥33,000
PPMGK-01 Paper Moon Argyderos Resin Kit Discontinued ¥35,000
SHE002 Studio HalfEye 1/36 Escaflowne (Transformable) Discontinued ¥30,000
SHE004 Studio HalfEye Vishma (Transformable) Discontinued ¥35,000
SHE024 Studio HalfEye Transformable Escaflowne Discontinued ¥38,000
SHE33055 Studio HalfEye Perfect Change Dangaioh Kit A Set Discontinued ¥36,000
SHE33056 Studio HalfEye Perfect Change Dangaioh Kit B Set Discontinued ¥36,000
SHE33071 Studio HalfEye Dangaioh Black Ver. Kit A Set Discontinued ¥36,000
SHE33072 Studio HalfEye Dangaioh Black Ver. Kit B Set Discontinued ¥36,000
VOL023 Volks 1/4 Belldandy "Ultimate version" Discontinued ¥39,800
VOL025 Volks 1/4 Belldandy "June Bride Version" Discontinued ¥39,800
VOL032 Volks 1/6 Kaneda's Bike Discontinued ¥38,000
VOL21337 Volks 1/100 Knight of Gold Discontinued ¥38,000
VOLFSMM33 Volks 1/100 LED Mirage Boomerang Unit Discontinued ¥39,800
VOLFSMM40 Volks 1/100 Alukana Siren Discontinued ¥34,800
VOLFSS05 Volks 1/100 Machine Mess Auge Discontinued ¥36,800
VOLFSS08 Volks 1/100 Knight of Gold Ver. 3 Discontinued ¥34,800
VOLFSS09 Volks 1/100 LED Mirage Ver. 3 Discontinued ¥32,800
YLS016 Hobby Base 1/144 Destroid Monster Discontinued ¥35,820
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