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Code Company Item Name Stock Status Price
HBJ60444 Hobby Japan Vanquished Queens 2 In Stock ¥1,886
MDAMP-12 Model Art Model Art Profile #12 Zero Fighter Part 1 In Stock ¥2,381
MDAMP-13 Model Art Model Art Profile #13 In Stock ¥2,381
CYVCH2017 Cyber Hobby 1/200 XB-35 Flying Wing In Stock ¥1,600
SAE61452 Sanei-Shobo Racing On No.458 Honda F1 First In Stock ¥786
WWP50914 Wings & Wheels Production MA Jeeps in Detail In Stock ¥1,700
WWP50907 Wings & Wheels Production GMC Trucks in European Museum and Private Collections In Stock ¥3,120
SKG30718 Shinkigensha Illustrated Warship In Stock ¥780
SKG30743 Shinkigensha Fantasy Naming In Stock ¥650
SKG30787 Shinkigensha 3cm Mall Bear In Stock ¥750
SKG30948 Shinkigensha How to Make a Plastic Model Military Figure In Stock ¥1,500
SKG30902 Shinkigensha The Brave Fighter Exkizer Memorial Book In Stock ¥1,375
SKG30946 Shinkigensha The Martial Arts Medieval Europe In Stock ¥1,400
SKG31044 Shinkigensha Scale Model Fan Vol. 5 In Stock ¥990
SKG31068 Shinkigensha Scale Model Fan Vol.6 In Stock ¥900
SKG31008 Shinkigensha Scale Model Fan Vol. 4 In Stock ¥900
SKG31042 Shinkigensha Japanese Fantasy Naming In Stock ¥650
SKG30965 Shinkigensha How To Build Mini Scale Tanks And Dioramas In Stock ¥1,540
SKG31045 Shinkigensha Super Technique: German & Soviet AFVs of the Eastern Front In Stock ¥1,820
SQS12051 Squadron Signal M151 MUTT In Action In Stock ¥1,540
SQS47649 Squadron Signal B-29 Superfortress in Action In Stock ¥1,400
WWP41614 Wings & Wheels Production M998 HMMWV in Detail In Stock ¥1,920
NKPJNR30 Neko Publishing Japanese National Railways Era Vol.30 In Stock ¥1,143
SAE61582 Sanei-Shobo Racers #17 90-91 RC250MA In Stock ¥467
SAE61685 Sanei-Shobo Train Technology Archives #03 In Stock ¥600
MXX79140 Max Black & Dark Illust Works In Stock ¥1,334
MXXSW02 Max Scale World Vol.2 Winter 2012 (with DVD) In Stock ¥1,132
NKP01347 Neko Publishing Railroad Digital Modeling In Stock ¥762
KJS81524 Kojinsha Manchurian Railroad History In Stock ¥1,440
MDA853 Model Art GRS Miku Hatsune BMW SUPER GT Modeling Guide In Stock ¥914
KJS81532 Kojinsha WWII German Airforce Trooper Battlefield Photographs In Stock ¥1,155
KJS81535 Kojinsha South Manchuria Railway Photo Album In Stock ¥2,880
KSD90058 Kousaido Step Kantoku Artworks In Stock ¥1,680
KOE80822 Koei Fab Style Special Guide Book In Stock ¥1,400
SYU08153 Shueisha Tiger & Bunny Groundwork & Rough Picture Limited Edition In Stock ¥3,238
SYU70416 Shueisha One Piece #66 In Stock ¥240
SYU82431 Shueisha The Prince of Tennis Sason3 #03 Limited Edition (with Pin Badge) In Stock ¥700
TOKHP1209 Tokuma Hyper Hobby September 2012 In Stock ¥572
TOKHP1301 Tokuma Hyper Hobby January 2013 In Stock ¥619
TOKHP1208 Tokuma Hyper Hobby August 2012 In Stock ¥572
KJS81522 Kojinsha Mechanic of Japanese Warship Heavy Cruiser In Stock ¥3,000
KJS81519 Kojinsha Rommel the Desert Fox & Afrikakorps Pictorial History In Stock ¥1,200
DIGWA14 Deagostini Assemble Green Gables #14 In Stock ¥710
KDA17595 Kodansha Kamen Rider Chronicle Heisei Series In Stock ¥2,400
KDA17932 Kodansha Nisemonogatari Anima Complete Guide Book In Stock ¥1,500
KDA04826 Kodansha TV Magazine DX Go-Busters In Stock ¥605
ITD007 Itari-Do WWII Italy Military Uniform Colle Vol.3 (M.V.S.N.) In Stock ¥500
ITD006 Itari-Do WWII Italy Military Uniform Colle Vol.1 In Stock ¥500
GAK06683 Gakken GetNavi AV Audio-Visual Apparatus for Anime & Game Fan Guide Book In Stock ¥376
GAK06664 Gakken The History of Guns with DVD In Stock ¥1,140
HBJ60447 Hobby Japan Queens Blade Rebellion Complete w/Special Section In Stock ¥1,257
HBJ60365 Hobby Japan Shining Force Cross The Collection of World & Visual Data In Stock ¥1,191
HBJ60376 Hobby Japan How To Draw Human Design In Stock ¥1,800
HBJ60449 Hobby Japan Moeru! Angel Encyclopedia In Stock ¥1,425
HBJ60417 Hobby Japan Danball Senki LBX Perfect Modeling Book In Stock ¥1,781
HBJ60372 Hobby Japan Queen's Gate Pura In Stock ¥715
HBJ60404 Hobby Japan Military Modeling Manual #24 In Stock ¥1,987
HBJ60416 Hobby Japan Queen's Gate Suchi Pai In Stock ¥715
HBJ60387 Hobby Japan Queens Blade Rebellion Zero #01 In Stock ¥310
HBJ60419 Hobby Japan Government Extreme In Stock ¥1,143
KAS757 Kaijinsha 100 Trivia of Aircraft Carriers In Stock ¥1,152
DTH70048 Data House Small Arms Encyclopedia In Stock ¥4,400
DTH18745 Data House Firearms Use Manual In Stock ¥1,150
COB93702 Cobaanii Wrought Iron Stroller & Wooden Box In Stock ¥1,200
COB93701 Cobaanii Wrought Iron Table & Chair(2pcs) In Stock ¥2,100
FTB45320 Futabasha Water Line Series Perfect Catalog In Stock ¥1,400
FTB45331 Futabasha General National Defense Magazine Japan Self-Defense Forces FAN In Stock ¥660
FKK44828 Norakuro Hourouki (Record of the Roam) In Stock ¥1,700
GNZVP001 GSI Creos 1/35 Papercraft Wall of the Ruins In Stock ¥1,595
HBJGW46 Hobby Japan Gundam Weapons: Gundam Seed Remasters #2 In Stock ¥1,067
IKA20574 Ikaros Publishing WWII World Great Supporting Arms Enhanced In Stock ¥971
FTB545267 Futabasha The People's Liberation Army In Stock ¥686
GAK05184 Gakken Sacred Seven Visual Fan Book In Stock ¥1,000
HBJ60521 Hobby Japan How to draw MOE Lolita: Basic Fashion In Stock ¥1,810
HBJGW45 Hobby Japan Gundam Weapons: Gundam Seed Remasters #1 In Stock ¥1,067
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