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Code Company Item Name Stock Status Price
SKE84707 Sankei 1/64 Toyota 86 In Stock ¥1,440
SKG30718 Shinkigensha Illustrated Warship In Stock ¥1,300
SWT14-D015 Sweet 1/144 Zero Fighter A6M2b Kasumigaura Flying Group In Stock ¥480
SWT14-D018 Sweet 1/144 Zero Fighter A6M2b Zuikaku Fighter Group In Stock ¥480
SWT14-D020 Sweet 1/144 A6M2-N Type 2 Floatplane Fighter 452nd Flying Group In Stock ¥800
SWT14-D022 Sweet 1/144 A6M2-N Type 2 Floatplane Fighter Takuma Flying Group In Stock ¥800
MYK06695 MYK Design 1/144 JASDF Kawasaki T-4 Blue Impulse 2011 Season In Stock ¥935
BNP48029-009 Banpresto World Collectable Figure #2: Kotetsu T Kaburagi In Stock ¥1,000
BUNFA149 Bunrindo Famous Airplanes #149: P-61 Black Widow In Stock ¥1,142
MKIED48004 Monokio 1/48 ROKAF Trainer T-59 HAWK (EasyCAL) In Stock ¥1,400
RSM92116 RS Models 1/72 P-38F Lightning In Stock ¥3,120
MDG23099 Model Graphix RGM Model Pictorial Book In Stock ¥3,700
BUNFA148 Bunrindo Famous Airplanes #148: Grumman F8F Bearcat In Stock ¥1,333
SKG30948 Shinkigensha How to Make a Plastic Model Military Figure In Stock ¥2,500
KJS81515 Kojinsha Mechanism Of IJN Warship Aircraft Carriers In Stock ¥3,000
SWT14-D014 Sweet 1/144 Zero Fighter A6M2b Tainan Flying Group V-103 Saburo Sakai In Stock ¥480
SGK05136 Syogakukan Kamen Rider Fourze Super Hero File In Stock ¥1,200
BNP48119-C Banpresto World Collectable Figure #4: Sky High In Stock ¥1,000
SVT04166 Seven Two Nameko Saibai Kit Figure (Eryngii) In Stock ¥712
KYD04207 Kaiyodo Revoltech Takeya Nezumi Otoko (Mouse Man) In Stock ¥2,914
BNP47920-195 Banpresto World Collectable Figure #24 Kaku In Stock ¥1,800
BNP47966-008 Banpresto World Collectable Figure #1: Double Chaser In Stock ¥1,000
TAT459668300-B Taito Mio Kitahara In Stock ¥1,500
BRKNAQ-01 Brick Works 1/20 Nose Art Queen Yuri Morishita In Stock ¥3,060
QSX48546 Q-Six 1/6 Mai Ichijyo Swimsuit Ver. Completed In Stock ¥14,220
BNP48029-011 Banpresto World Collectable Figure #2: Origami Cyclone In Stock ¥1,000
BUN19211 Bunrindo Blue Impulse Eisuke Kurosawa Photographs In Stock ¥2,476
AOS00695 Aoshima Aoshima Catalogue 2013 In Stock ¥800
FKK44828 Norakuro Hourouki (Record of the Roam) In Stock ¥3,400
FTB46461 Futabasha MS MS-07/09 Gouf & Dom Book In Stock ¥1,400
DIGWA14 Deagostini Assemble Green Gables #14 In Stock ¥1,419
DTH70048 Data House Small Arms Encyclopedia In Stock ¥8,800
DTH18745 Data House Firearms Use Manual In Stock ¥2,300
FTB45320 Futabasha Water Line Series Perfect Catalog In Stock ¥2,800
FTB45204 Futabasha CG 70 Years of Imperial Japanese Navy History In Stock ¥2,095
FTB45268 Futabasha 3D CG Battle of Midway In Stock ¥2,190
FTB45331 Futabasha General National Defense Magazine Japan Self-Defense Forces FAN In Stock ¥1,100
FTB545267 Futabasha The People's Liberation Army In Stock ¥1,143
SWT14-D010 Sweet 1/144 Zero Fighter A6M2b Tainan Flying Group V-172 First Captured Zero In Stock ¥480
COB93702 Cobaanii Wrought Iron Stroller & Wooden Box In Stock ¥1,700
COB93701 Cobaanii Wrought Iron Table & Chair(2pcs) In Stock ¥2,975
FTB46465 Futabasha MS RX-78 Gundam & V Operations Book In Stock ¥1,400
TMT07334 Tomy Tech TOMIX Parts Catalog 2012-2013 In Stock ¥600
TOKHP1208 Tokuma Hyper Hobby August 2012 In Stock ¥1,143
TOKHP1209 Tokuma Hyper Hobby September 2012 In Stock ¥1,143
TOKHP1301 Tokuma Hyper Hobby January 2013 In Stock ¥1,238
NKP05311 Neko Publishing World Car Chronicle In Stock ¥5,714
NKPJNR30 Neko Publishing Japanese National Railways Era Vol.30 In Stock ¥2,286
NKPHS66 Neko Publishing Honda Style #066 In Stock ¥1,429
WWP41614 Wings & Wheels Production M998 HMMWV in Detail In Stock ¥3,200
WWP50907 Wings & Wheels Production GMC Trucks in European Museum and Private Collections In Stock ¥5,200
WWP50914 Wings & Wheels Production MA Jeeps in Detail In Stock ¥3,400
WWP50909 Wings & Wheels Production Special Operations Landies In Detail In Stock ¥3,300
HBJ60340 Hobby Japan Queen's Gate Kanu In Stock ¥1,429
HBJ60282 Hobby Japan Queens Blade Rebellion Premium Visual Book w/DVD Anime In Stock ¥4,743
HBJ60376 Hobby Japan How To Draw Human Design In Stock ¥2,000
HBJ60365 Hobby Japan Shining Force Cross The Collection of World & Visual Data In Stock ¥2,381
HBJ60352 Hobby Japan Moeru! Goddess Encyclopedia In Stock ¥1,500
HBJ60353 Hobby Japan Real Action Pose: Gun Action In Stock ¥2,400
HBJ60372 Hobby Japan Queen's Gate Pura In Stock ¥1,429
HBJ60387 Hobby Japan Queens Blade Rebellion Zero #01 In Stock ¥619
HBJ60447 Hobby Japan Queens Blade Rebellion Complete w/Special Section In Stock ¥2,286
HBJ60480 Hobby Japan Muv-Luv Alternative in Euro Front Duty-Lost Arcadia In Stock ¥2,000
HBJ60406 Hobby Japan Queens Blade Rebellion Final Battle w/Drama CD In Stock ¥2,000
HBJ60484 Hobby Japan Dollybird Vol. 17 In Stock ¥1,714
HBJ60404 Hobby Japan Military Modeling Manual #24 In Stock ¥2,838
HBJ60416 Hobby Japan Queen's Gate Suchi Pai In Stock ¥1,429
HBJ60491 Hobby Japan How to Draw Manga: Character & Back Ground In Stock ¥1,905
HBJ60488 Hobby Japan Boarder Break Union Ver.3.0 Analyze Book In Stock ¥2,190
HBJ60520 Hobby Japan M4 Carbine Dynamics In Stock ¥1,905
HBJ60511 Hobby Japan Hagure Yusha no Esthetica In Stock ¥2,286
HBJ60485 Hobby Japan Queens Blade Rebellion: Zero #2 In Stock ¥619
HBJ60521 Hobby Japan How to draw MOE Lolita: Basic Fashion In Stock ¥1,905
HBJ60489 Hobby Japan Military Gear Catalogue 2013 In Stock ¥1,886
HBJ60419 Hobby Japan Government Extreme In Stock ¥1,905
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