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Code Company Item Name Stock Status Price
KYD04212 Kaiyodo Revoltech Takeya Jikokuten Woodgrain Ver. In Stock ¥2,534
KYD11036 Kaiyodo Legacy of Revoltech Kenshiro Final Battle Ver. In Stock ¥3,655
KYD04226 Kaiyodo Takeya Kongou Rikishi Ungyou Woodgrain In Stock ¥4,162
KYD04201 Kaiyodo Revoltech Takeya Komokuten In Stock ¥2,534
KYD11011 Kaiyodo Legacy of Revoltech King Gainer In Stock ¥4,320
KYD11022 Kaiyodo Legacy of Revoltech Lupin The 3rd In Stock ¥3,060
KYD10008 Kaiyodo Revol Mini Black Hole In Stock ¥2,465
KYD10016 Kaiyodo Revol Mini Metal Gear Solid TPP Soviet Soldier In Stock ¥2,975
KYD11028 Kaiyodo Legacy of Revoltech Kaioh In Stock ¥3,910
KYD11027 Kaiyodo Legacy of Revoltech Toki In Stock ¥3,655
KYD12009 Kaiyodo KT Project Skeleton Musha Iron Rust Color In Stock ¥6,120
KYD02122 Kaiyodo Legacy of Revoltech Cattleya In Stock ¥3,510
KYD11000 Kaiyodo Legacy of Revoltech Kenshiro In Stock ¥3,060
KYD04209 Kaiyodo Revoltech Takeya Komokuten Woodgrain Ver. In Stock ¥2,534
KYD11001 Kaiyodo Legacy of Revoltech Rei In Stock ¥3,060
KYD03010 Kaiyodo Assemble Borg NEXUS 021: Armoroid In Stock ¥3,258
KYD05039D Kaiyodo Revoltech Danboard Mini In Stock ¥1,170
KYD04211 Kaiyodo Revoltech Takeya Zochouten Woodgrain Ver. In Stock ¥2,534
KYD10018 Kaiyodo Revol Mini Zapp Renfro In Stock ¥4,320
KYD11004 Kaiyodo Legacy of Revoltech Bakuretsu! Zeed-dan In Stock ¥3,060
KYD04225 Kaiyodo Revoltech Takeya Kongou Rikishi Ungyou In Stock ¥3,724
KYD10015 Kaiyodo Revol Kinnikuman Great In Stock ¥2,975
KYD010971 Kaiyodo Revoltech Domo-Kun In Stock ¥2,948
KYD04223 Kaiyodo Revoltech Takeya Karura In Stock ¥3,723
KYD11023 Kaiyodo Legacy of Revoltech Jigen Daisuke In Stock ¥3,060
KYD11031 Kaiyodo Legacy of Revoltech Souther In Stock ¥3,655
KYD04207 Kaiyodo Revoltech Takeya Nezumi Otoko (Mouse Man) In Stock ¥2,915
KYD04208 Kaiyodo Revoltech Takeya Tamonten Woodgrain Ver. In Stock ¥2,534
KYD70112 Kaiyodo Vulcanlog Venom Snake Powered by REVOLTECH In Stock ¥5,508
KYD04224 Kaiyodo Revoltech Takeya Karura Woodgrain In Stock ¥3,723
KYD04056 Kaiyodo Sci-Fi Revoltech Batmobile Tumbler with Cannon In Stock ¥3,400
KYD10017 Kaiyodo Revol Mini Klaus V Reinherz In Stock ¥4,320
KYD11014 Kaiyodo Legacy of Revoltech Airi In Stock ¥3,510
KYD11008 Kaiyodo Legacy of Revoltech Elina In Stock ¥3,315
KYD11030 Kaiyodo Legacy of Revoltech Shu In Stock ¥3,655
KYD12010 Kaiyodo Skeleton Musha Color Ver. In Stock ¥6,120
KYD11015 Kaiyodo Legacy of Revoltech Alleyne In Stock ¥3,510
KYD13001 Kaiyodo Star Wars: Revo Darth Vader In Stock ¥4,675
KYD05055 Kaiyodo Collect Danboard & Capsule Danboard Normal Set In Stock ¥1,000
KYD05039 Kaiyodo Yu-Pack Danboard Mini Backordered
Usually ships within 4 to 6 weeks
KYD12008 Kaiyodo KT Project Jizai Okimono Horse Color Ver. Backordered
Usually ships within 4 to 6 weeks
KYD04202 Kaiyodo Revoltech Takeya Ashura Aug. Restock ¥3,077
KYD09105 Kaiyodo Legacy of Revoltech Woody Nov. Restock ¥3,740
KYD12006 Kaiyodo KT Project Takeya Style Jizai Okimono: Skeleton Color Ver. Out of Stock
Usually ships within 4 to 6 weeks
KYD04200 Kaiyodo Revoltech Takeya Tamonten Out of Stock
Usually ships within 4 to 6 weeks
KYD12007 Kaiyodo KT Project Horse Iron Rust Color Out of Stock
Usually ships within 4 to 6 weeks
KYD04059 Kaiyodo Sci-Fi Revoltech Woody (Sepia Ver.) Out of Stock
Usually ships within 4 to 6 weeks
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