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Code Company Item Name Stock Status Price
LGO34683 Lego Pop Star Show Stage In Stock ¥4,784
LGO34678 Lego Heartlake Skate Park In Stock ¥2,304
LGO34726 Lego Mammoth's Frozen Stronghold In Stock ¥7,584
LGO34681 Lego Pop Star Recording Studio In Stock ¥1,584
LGO34725 Lego King Crominus' Rescue In Stock ¥9,584
LGO34684 Lego Pop Star Tour Bus In Stock ¥7,024
LGO34733 Lego Attack of the Morro Dragon In Stock ¥7,184
LGO59187 Lego Fire Response Unit In Stock ¥3,584
LGO59190 Lego Belle's Enchanted Castle In Stock ¥6,384
LGO59193 Lego Arendelle Castle Celebration In Stock ¥7,984
LGO59168 Lego Rapunzel's Best Day Ever! In Stock ¥3,184
LGO59175 Lego Anna & Kristoff's Sleigh Adventure In Stock ¥3,984
KAW20146 Kawada nanoblock Pokemon Pikachu Monotone In Stock ¥1,360
KAW20149 Kawada nanoblock Pokemon Charmander Monotone In Stock ¥1,360
KAW20249 Kawada nanoblock Golden Gate Bridge In Stock ¥2,295
KAW20260 Kawada nanoblock Burj Khalifa In Stock ¥2,295
KAW20256 Kawada nanoblock Anomalocaris In Stock ¥722
KAW20258 Kawada nanoblock Irish Elk In Stock ¥722
KAW20255 Kawada nanoblock Mammoth In Stock ¥722
KAW20257 Kawada nanoblock Dodo In Stock ¥722
KAW14975 Kawada nanoblock Church In Stock ¥1,657
KAW20206 Kawada nanoblock Twilight Express In Stock ¥2,337
KAW14979 Kawada nanoblock Human Body Skeleton In Stock ¥2,125
KAW20262 Kawada nanoblock Samurai In Stock ¥1,572
KAW20191 Kawada nanoblock Old English Sheepdog In Stock ¥722
KAW20199 Kawada nanoblock Buckingham Palace In Stock ¥1,572
KAW20200 Kawada nanoblock Merlion In Stock ¥1,572
LGO59001 Lego Tree House Adventure In Stock ¥3,984
LGO57375 Lego Beast Master's Chaos Chariot In Stock ¥3,984
LGO41131 Lego Friends Advent Calendar In Stock ¥2,784
LGO57387 Lego Jestro's Evil Mobile In Stock ¥6,384
LGO36781 Lego Star Wars: Imperial Assault Carrier In Stock ¥15,184
LGO35540 Lego Duplo: Camping Adventure In Stock ¥3,424
LGO35539 Lego Duplo: Truck In Stock ¥2,384
LGO35017 Lego Demolition Site In Stock ¥7,184
LGO34974 Lego Mercedes-Benz Arocs 3245 In Stock ¥23,984
LGO35091 Lego Heavy Haul Train In Stock ¥18,384
LGO35064 Lego Deep Sea Helicopter In Stock ¥5,184
LGO34982 Lego Training Jet Transporter In Stock ¥5,184
LGO35065 Lego Deep Sea Exploration Vessel In Stock ¥11,184
LGO35061 Lego Deep Sea Scuba Scooter In Stock ¥638
LGO34980 Lego Space Starter Set In Stock ¥1,024
LGO34981 Lego Utility Shuttle In Stock ¥2,384
LGO35089 Lego City Square In Stock ¥19,984
LGO64346 Lego The Lighthouse Siege In Stock ¥7,984
LGO64344 Lego Salvage M.E.C. In Stock ¥4,784
LGO59492 Lego Crooks Island In Stock ¥3,584
LGO64343 Lego Kryptarium Prison Breakout In Stock ¥2,384
LGO64340 Lego Titanium Ninja Tumbler In Stock ¥3,584
LGO64345 Lego The Green NRG Dragon In Stock ¥6,384
LGO64341 Lego Rock Roader In Stock ¥4,784
LGO64347 Lego Ultra Stealth Raider In Stock ¥10,384
LGO59493 Lego Service Station In Stock ¥7,984
KAW20409 Kawada nanoblock+ Emperor Scorpion In Stock ¥3,230
KAW20302 Kawada nanoblock Christmas Bear In Stock ¥722
LGO34744 Lego Boulder Blaster In Stock ¥3,584
LGO34777 Lego Bladvic's Rumble Bear In Stock ¥4,784
LGO34741 Lego Airjitzu Wrayth Flyer In Stock ¥1,104
LGO34747 Lego Ninja DB X In Stock ¥9,584
LGO34814 Lego Toy & Grocery Shop In Stock ¥3,984
LGO34740 Lego Airjitzu Morro Flyer In Stock ¥1,104
LGO34737 Lego Irjitzu Jay Flyer In Stock ¥1,104
LGO34784 Lego Adventure Vehicles In Stock ¥2,224
LGO34813 Lego Changing Seasons In Stock ¥5,904
LGO34750 Lego Lava Falls In Stock ¥944
LGO59339 Lego Emily Jones & the Baby Wind Dragon In Stock ¥1,184
LGO59346 Lego Elvendale School of Dragons In Stock ¥2,784
LGO59345 Lego The Water Dragon Adventure In Stock ¥3,184
KKY22649 Kokuyo Pablo Paper Block 10-Block Set Blue In Stock ¥1,160
KKY22650 Kokuyo Pablo Paper Block 10-Block Set Black In Stock ¥1,160
KKY22652 Kokuyo Pablo Paper Block 10-Block Set Red In Stock ¥1,160
KKY22645 Kokuyo Pablo Paper Block 2-Block Set Blue In Stock ¥280
KKY22647 Kokuyo Pablo Paper Block 2-Block Set Green In Stock ¥280
LGO59146 Lego Misfortune's Keep In Stock ¥10,384
LGO59154 Lego Merlok's Library 2.0 In Stock ¥3,184
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