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KDAAF1206 Kodansha Afternoon June 2012 Discontinued ¥648
KDAAF1205 Kodansha Afternoon May 2012 Discontinued ¥648
KDAAF1109 Kodansha Afternoon September 2011 Discontinued ¥648
KDAAF1112 Kodansha Afternoon December 2011 Discontinued ¥648
KDAAF1111 Kodansha Afternoon November 2011 Discontinued ¥648
KDAAF1110 Kodansha Afternoon October 2011 Discontinued ¥648
KDAAF1208 Kodansha Afternoon August 2012 Discontinued ¥648
KDAAF1204 Kodansha Afternoon April 2012 Discontinued ¥648
KDAAF1304 Kodansha Afternoon April 2013 Discontinued ¥648
KDAAF1303 Kodansha Afternoon March 2013 Discontinued ¥648
KDAAF1302 Kodansha Afternoon February 2013 Discontinued ¥648
KDAAF1301 Kodansha Afternoon January 2013 Discontinued ¥714
KDAAF1309 Kodansha Afternoon September 2013 Discontinued ¥648
KDAAF1212 Kodansha Afternoon December 2012 Discontinued ¥648
KDAAF1401 Kodansha Afternoon January 2014 Discontinued ¥648
KDAAF1310 Kodansha Afternoon October 2013 Discontinued ¥648
KDAAF1306 Kodansha Afternoon June 2013 Discontinued ¥648
KDAAF1308 Kodansha Afternoon August 2013 Discontinued ¥648
KDAAF1210 Kodansha Afternoon October 2012 Discontinued ¥648
KDAAF1305 Kodansha Afternoon May 2013 Discontinued ¥648
KDAAF1403 Kodansha Afternoon March 2014 Discontinued ¥648
KDAAF1307 Kodansha Afternoon July 2013 Discontinued ¥648
KDAAF1209 Kodansha Afternoon September 2012 Discontinued ¥648
KDAAF1211 Kodansha Afternoon November 2012 Discontinued ¥648
KDAAF1312 Kodansha Afternoon December 2013 Discontinued ¥648
KDAAF1311 Kodansha Afternoon November 2013 Discontinued ¥648
KDAGAF001 Kodansha Good! Afternoon #001 w/Kaiyodo Maria Figure Discontinued ¥648
KDI03017 Kodansha International Plastic Culture: How Japanese Toys Conquered the World Discontinued ¥3,000
KDI03101 Kodansha International The Otaku Encyclopedia: An Insider's Guide to the Discontinued ¥2,000
KDI03124 Kodansha International The Just Bento Cookbook: Everyday Lunches to Go Discontinued ¥2,000
KDI02941 Kodansha International Classical Weaponry of Japan Discontinued ¥4,000
KDI02851 Kodansha International Master Modeler Creating The Tamiya Style Discontinued ¥3,800
KDK00294 Kadokawa Ebiten Poster Calendar 2011 Discontinued ¥1,800
KDI06070 Kodansha International Yokai Attack! The Japanese Monster Survival Guide Discontinued ¥1,600
KDK005 Kadokawa Kikaider Tribute Discontinued ¥2,000
KDK004 Kadokawa Angelic Layer Official Battle Book Discontinued ¥1,200
KDK00754 Kadokawa .hack// Legend of Bracelet w/Figure Discontinued ¥1,300
KDK00291 Kadokawa Lucky Star School Calendar 2008 Discontinued ¥1,900
KDK00292 Kadokawa Kobato 2010 Calendar Presented by CLAMP Discontinued ¥2,000
KDK001 Kadokawa Jin-Roh Maniaxx Discontinued ¥2,000
KDK002 Kadokawa Elysion Official Visual Book Discontinued ¥1,800
KDK00753 Kadokawa Char's Deleted After Comic #01 w/Hamarnn Figure Discontinued ¥1,300
KDK003 Kadokawa Nadesico The Mission Guide Book Discontinued ¥1,100
KDK006 Kadokawa Gundam G-Graphix 0079 Discontinued ¥1,400
KDK00783 Kadokawa Fate/stay night Vol. 3 w/Rider Bust Model Discontinued ¥1,500
KDK00770 Kadokawa Comic Sergeant Keroro #10 w/Powered Natumi Figure Discontinued ¥1,700
KDK00767 Kadokawa C.D.A. Comic #04 w/Char Figure Discontinued ¥1,900
KDK00757 Kadokawa Guyver #21 w/32cm Guyver I Figure Discontinued ¥2,800
KDK00768 Kadokawa Ecole du Ciel #05 w/Asuna Figure Discontinued ¥1,700
KDK00777 Kadokawa Welcome to the NHK #04 w/Misaki Figure Discontinued ¥1,800
KDK00780 Kadokawa Ecole du Ciel #08 w/Asuna Figure Discontinued ¥1,700
KDK00778 Kadokawa D.C.S.G. #2 w/Asakura Nemu Figure Discontinued ¥1,700
KDK00779 Kadokawa C.D.A. Comic #07 w/Hamarn Figure Discontinued ¥1,900
KDK00769 Kadokawa Gundam Side Story #3 w/Miyu Figure Discontinued ¥1,900
KDK00771 Kadokawa Comic Sergeant Keroro #11 w/Keroro Action Figure Discontinued ¥1,900
KDK00782 Kadokawa Kyo Kara Maoh! Kumahachi Special Discontinued ¥1,200
KDK00760 Kadokawa Comic Evangelion #9 w/Ayanami Rei Action Figure Discontinued ¥1,700
KDK00774 Kadokawa Shuffle! Characters #03 w/Fuyou Kaede Figure Discontinued ¥2,800
KDK00775 Kadokawa Shuffle! Characters #04 w/Figure Discontinued ¥2,800
KDK00755 Kadokawa Beta Midget Special Mission Box Discontinued ¥1,600
KDK00772 Kadokawa Shuffle! Characters #01 w/Lisianthus Figure Discontinued ¥2,800
KDK00773 Kadokawa Shuffle! Characters #02 w/Nerine Figure Discontinued ¥2,800
KDK00776 Kadokawa Shuffle! Characters #05 w/Figure Discontinued ¥2,800
KDK00806 Kadokawa Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha ViVid #3: Limited Edition w/Nendoroid Petite Vivio Discontinued ¥1,600
KDK00807 Kadokawa Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha Force #3: Limited Edition w/Nendoroid Petite Nanoha Figure Discontinued ¥1,600
KDK00793 Kadokawa Nyoron Churuya-san Megassa Limited w/Nendoroid Petite Churuya-san Discontinued ¥1,800
KDK00808 Kadokawa Transformers Animated The Cool Special Edition with Optimus Prime Clear Color Discontinued ¥2,500
KDK00809 Kadokawa Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha Force 4 Limited Editio Discontinued ¥1,600
KDK00810 Kadokawa Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha Vivid 4 Ltd. Ed. W/ Nendoroid Petite Einhart Stratos Discontinued ¥1,600
KDK00815 Kadokawa Fate/Zero #3 with Saver Figure Discontinued ¥1,600
KDK00814 Kadokawa Strike Witches Zero #2 with 2.5 Mio Sakamoto 12years Ver. Discontinued ¥1,800
KDK00784 Kadokawa Comic The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya #4 w/Haruhi Figure Discontinued ¥1,700
KDK00798 Kadokawa SD Gundam Sangokuden Genesis Ryoubi-hen w/Gundam Plastic Model Discontinued ¥1,200
KDK00811 Kadokawa Fate/Kaleid Liner Prisma Iriya 2wai! #4 Limited Discontinued ¥2,381
KDK00794 Kadokawa Boo Boo Kagabo Bootto Limited w/Kagaboo Figure Discontinued ¥1,800