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Code Company Item Name Stock Status Price
NAU50496 Nauts 1/6 Fight Club: Brad Pitt as Tyler Durden Special Pack In Stock ¥70,200
SHE33042 Studio HalfEye Perfect Change Cybaster June Restock ¥57,000
BANN19252 Bandai DX Soul of Chogokin Combattler V Order Stop ¥52,725
EBY52281 ENTERBAY 1/6 NBA Collection : Shaquille O'Neal 2 Bodies Set RM-1063 Discontinued ¥57,750
THZ92005 Three Zero 1/12 Titanfall Stryder Discontinued ¥55,500
EBY36964 ENTERBAY 1/4 HD Master Piece Collection/Mr.Bean: Rowan Atkinson Discontinued ¥59,750
THA44441 Three A 1/6 The World of Isobelle Pascha (1 Box 14pcs) Discontinued ¥179,200
HTT17574 Hot Toys 1/6 Dark Knight Alfred Pennyworth & Batman Armory Discontinued ¥50,926
SHE33024 Studio HalfEye Perfect Change Getter Robo Renewal Version Chrome Type Discontinued ¥59,800
SHE033 Studio HalfEye Perfect Change Getter Robo Black Type Discontinued ¥63,000
NAU49997 Nauts Bruce Lee Tribute Infinite Scale Statue Ver. 2 Discontinued ¥137,000
SHE33074 Studio HalfEye Dangaioh Black Ver. Completed B Set Discontinued ¥64,000
SHE33073 Studio HalfEye Dangaioh Black Ver. Completed A Set Discontinued ¥64,000
SHE33048 Studio HalfEye Perfect Final Fusion Gaofighgar & Goldionhammer Transformable Discontinued ¥79,800
SHE33058 Studio HalfEye Perfect Change Dangaioh Completed B Set Discontinued ¥64,000
SHE33057 Studio HalfEye Perfect Change Dangaioh Completed A Set Discontinued ¥64,000
SHE33063 Studio HalfEye Perfect Change Gurren Lagann (Completed) Discontinued ¥57,000
SHE33039 Studio HalfEye Perfect Change Dancouga Nova Discontinued ¥80,000
THZ44484 Three Zero 1/12 Titanfall Atlas (Reissue) Discontinued ¥51,852
NAU41141 Nauts 1/9 King Arts Avengers Hulk with Hulkbuster Accessories Discontinued ¥50,000
SHE043 Studio HalfEye 25cm Getter Robo Renewal Black Discontinued ¥73,000
SHE030 Studio HalfEye Perfect Change Getter Robo Renewal Version Discontinued ¥68,000
THA44467 Three A Megatron Dark of the Moon Discontinued ¥53,000
SHE33031 Studio HalfEye Perfect Change Getter Robo Renewal Version Metallic Type Discontinued ¥73,000
THZ44459 Three Zero Robocop ED-209 Discontinued ¥56,500
THA92079 Three A TK Hunter Vali Discontinued ¥69,000
NAU50421 Nauts 1/6 Core Play - Legacy of Olympus - Zeus Discontinued ¥54,000
NAU50476 Nauts 1/5 Dam Toy Mind Game Sewer Soldiers: Sacker Discontinued ¥51,500
THZ92078 Three Zero 1/12 Titanfall IMC Ogre Discontinued ¥54,000
TMD31196 Tomy Direct 1/6 Grand Admiral Thrawn w/Command Chair Discontinued ¥13,750
HTT17415 Hot Toys 1/6 Iron Man 2: Suit-Up Gantry (with Figure) Discontinued ¥45,333
FGT35934 Figures Toy Kiss 12-inch Figure #5 Dressed to Kill (4 Figure Set) Discontinued ¥51,000
EBYGK-01 ENTERBAY 1/4 HD Masterpiece/ Batman The Dark Knight: Batman & Joker & Option Set Discontinued ¥68,229
EBY36156 ENTERBAY 1/4 HD Masterpiece/ Terminator2: T-1000 HD-1014 Discontinued ¥50,000
SHE026 Studio HalfEye Transformable Gao Faigar Completed Discontinued ¥59,800
SHE039 Studio HalfEye Perfect Change Gunbuster Discontinued ¥59,800
SHE034 Studio HalfEye Perfect Drive Change Godannar Discontinued ¥52,000
SST35752 Sideshow Collectibles 1/6 Star Craft 2/ Jim Raynor Terran Space Marine Action Figure Discontinued ¥70,429
SHE011 Studio HalfEye Perfect Change Getter Robo (Transformable) Discontinued ¥57,000
THZ92070 Three Zero 1/12 Titanfall M-COR Ogre Discontinued ¥54,000
NAU09020 Nauts Getter Robo: ThreeZero x Go Nagai Getter 1 Limited Edition Discontinued ¥74,250
SST70364 Sideshow Collectibles 1/6 StarCraft II: Tychus Discontinued ¥70,371
XPS00889 X Plus GUNHED (Limited Edition) Discontinued ¥95,000
NAU50904 Nauts 1/6 Dam Toy Mind Game The Gobi Squad Black Eight Frank Chambers Discontinued ¥51,000
THA92048 Three A Transformers: Dark of the Moon Starscream Discontinued ¥56,000
THA92027 Three A Transformers Dark of the Moon: Optimus Prime Discontinued ¥55,900
PIM93280 Play Imaginative 1/4 Super Alloy Iron Man Mark 42 Discontinued ¥62,000
PIM93277 Play Imaginative 1/4 Super Alloy War Machine Mark II Discontinued ¥59,800
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