1/32 Dornier Do335A-0 Pfeil

by Volks
$163.15 USD $163.15 USD


This is an injection-plastic aircraft model kit.

Adapted from the Volks Zoukeimura website:

This SWS kit is based on the thorough research we made on the only Do 335 real machine still existing at the Smithsonian Museum in the U.S., so we have gone to the core of the Dornier design.

The engines installed back and forth give the aircraft a singular shape, and the secret of the fastest reciprocating engine is all in the push-pull layout. Why, as in all other big aircraft, are the twin engines not horizontally installed on each of the main wings, but instead installed back and forth in the fuselage? The DB 603 engines are installed back and forth, while the MK 103 autocannon pass through them.

The robust landing gears, the main girder of the box structure supporting the tough main wings, etc., all are reproduced. Why does this aircraft have such a particular shape? Why was a machine like this required just at the end of the war when the conflict was intensifying? Build this SWS kit and you will have all the answers. This is it! By this plastic model you can reproduce the real airplane. Enjoy this new world of scale models acclaimed by aircraft fans all over the world.

Parts are molded in clear and gray plastic. 


Code: VOLSWS10
Release Date: May 2016
Item Size/Weight: 53.0cm x 33.0cm x 12.0cm / 1560g
Manufacturer: Volks