1/32 MiG-29K Fulcrum

by Trumpeter
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This is an injection-plastic jet aircraft model kit.

Hope you like your MiGs big! Trumpeter's MiG-29 kit continues in the tradition of their Su-27, offering lots of detail. The ejection seat alone is 10 pieces, plus photoetched belts. The cockpit is incredibly detailed, and the landing gear and exhausts are similarly well-done. No turbine faces for inside the intakes, but then again on the ground the FOD screens are down so you wouldn't be able to see the engine faces anyway. All flight control surfaces are designed to be movable, and while the instructions don't show it, it appears that the wings can be assembled folded (the outer sections are separate and a hinge section is built into the wing). A very impressive amount of ordnance is also included:

  • KH-25ML and MP AGM times 2 each
  • KH29L and T AGM times 2 each
  • KH-31P AGM times 2
  • KH-35A AGM times 2
  • R-27T, AE, R and ER AAM times 2 each
  • R73E AAM times 4
  • R-60MK AAM times 2
  • R-77 AAM times 2
  • All the specific launch rails needed for all those missiles
  • PTB-1500 drop tank times 2 (though you only use one)
  • PTB-1150 drop tank times 2

Markings are included for two aircraft, Blue 311 in what appear to be test markings on a green and gray scheme and Blue 312 in Russian Navy markings.


Code: TRP02239
Release Date: Mar 2006
Item Size/Weight: 32.5cm x 53.7cm x 12.0cm / 1750g
Manufacturer: Trumpeter

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