1/400 USAF C-5A Galaxy 337AS

by Dragon
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This is a plastic display aircraft.

The C-5 Galaxy is a massive transport aircraft designed for strategic airlift at the intercontinental level. The original C5-A entered US Air Force (USAF) service in 1970, and continues to perform important missions worldwide. Although the C-5 was the first American military program to overrun its budget by more than 1 billion USD, the design eventually grew into a huge success. A total of 81 C-5A aircraft were manufactured from 1969-73.

The C-5 has a distinctive high-wing and T-tail design, and nose and aft cargo doors allow drive-through loading. The Galaxy is powered by four TF39 turbofan engines that enable a cruising speed of 919km/h. Some C-5A aircraft have already been retired, with some of its duties taken up by the C-17, but one of the units still operating the C-5 is the 337th Airlift Squadron (337th AS), which forms part of the 439th Airlift Wing.

This model includes a display stand, and can be displaed in in-flight or landed mode.


Code: DRAB56347
Release Date: Jan 2012
Item Size/Weight: 21.2cm x 21.2cm x 8.0cm / 470g
Manufacturer: Dragon