1/48 Covered Wagon

by Glencoe Models
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This is an injection-plastic figure set for use with military dioramas or individual display.

From the manufacturer:

The Covered Wagon was long the main method of transportation in pre-industrial America. The covered wagon evolved from the heavier and sturdier Conestoga wagon. The Conestoga wagon was used during the colonial migrations to the eastern part of the country. Once the rugged Appalachian mountains had been crossed and opened out onto the Great Plains, massive migrations began heading west seeking land, gold, and hopefully a better future.

Covered wagons were used mainly for the transportation of goods. Other than small children who could ride in the wagon, migrants and oxen handlers walked along with the wagon. Covered wagons were usually not equipped with springs, and eve the ride over smooth ground was jarring.

A typical covered wagon could carry the belongings for five people. Larger family groups often had two or three wagons.

Wagons would group together to form "wagon trains" for mutual assistance and protection. Each night, the wagons would form up in a circle, giving rise to the expression "circling the wagons." Having reached their destination, homesteading prairie families often used the covered wagon for living until a permanent structure was built.

This detailed kit includes parts for a covered wagon, three figures, two oxen, one horse, and a base. 

Recommended music to build this kit by:

  • The Clash: I Fought The Law and the Law Won
  • Aaron Copeland: Music from Billy the Kid and Rodeo
  • Bob Marley or Eric Clapton: I Shot the Sheriff
  • Jerome Moross: Theme to The Big Country
  • And any country music you favor...


Code: GNCGM5402
Release Date: Feb 2019
Item Size/Weight: 32.2cm x 16.0cm x 5.7cm / 290g
Manufacturer: Glencoe Models

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