1/48 F-104 Starfighter Improvement & Correction Set (for Hasegawa)

by Daco Products
$95.66 USD $119.58 USD


This is an injection-plastic detail parts set for use with aircraft kits.

This robust set of correction & improvement parts contains over 300 unique pieces and a total of more than 500 plastic parts for an even more accurate Starfighter! The features of this set include:

  • Wings and stabilo, correctly sized and without rivets
  • Wing-pylon tanks, missing from the original kit
  • Three Sidewinder types
  • Assorted missiles, practice bomb dispensers, and recce pods
  • 3 nuclear bombs that the Starfighters were trained to carry
  • All known ECM & RWR parts for various air forces
  • All necessary parts for a correct F-104S
  • Complete computer bay including variants
  • Canopy defogging tubings
  • Detailed parts for German/Italian ejection seats

An absolute must-have for modellers seeking to build a hyper-accurate Starfighter!


Code: DACCC4802
Release Date: Aug 2017
Item Size/Weight: 31.3cm x 22.4cm x 5.2cm / 490g
Manufacturer: Daco Products

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