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Gunpla TV at the All Japan Model & Hobby Show 2016


Syd, Ryan, and also Todd made their way to Tokyo Big Sight today to check out all the latest plamo goodies at the All Japan Model & Hobby Show. Bandai surprised us with an all-new, non-Ver. Ka MG slated for January and Kotobukiya brought out the big guns in the form of its newest Gojulas kit. Is everyone excited for winter 2016 yet?


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The Latest Scale Model News from the All Japan Model & Hobby Show 2016


Here's a look at all the great new scale model kits being shown at the 56th All Japan Model & Hobby show! Tamiya turns up the heat with a sizzling new M40 U.S. Self-Propelled 155mm Gun with figures in 1/35th scale! The fantastic new Honda NSX makes its scale debut as well as the Kawasaki Ninja H2R. From Hasegawa we get a preview of the new H8K2 "Emily," the 1/350th scale Junyo aircraft carrier and the Suzuki Jimny! Aoshima shows off their supercar kit mastery with a trio of new kits including the much anticipated Pagani Huayra! We also check out what's new from Fine Molds and a detailed look at all the great scale kits at the Beaver booth!


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New model wonders were beheld at the 56th All Japan Model & Hobby Show! The event was held September 23-25 at Tokyo Big Sight, and we were there to bring you the scoop from the show floor. Many are available for preorder, so if you like what you see, follow the links to grab yours at HLJ!


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Metal Build Gundam F91

Metal Build Gundam F91


The recently revealed Metal Build Gundam F91 from "Mobile Suit Gundam F91" was on display at the show, and was packed with all of the breathtaking detail we've come to expect from this amazing line of partially die-cast and super posable figures!


There were some fantastic new Gunpla kit reveals as well, including the MG GM Sniper II, Luna Gazer Gundam from "Gundam Build Fighters Amazing Ready," the Gundam Barbatos Lupus DX from "Iron-Blooded Orphans," and the MS-04 Bugu (Ramba Ral) from "Mobile Suit Gundam: The Origin."


We also had the pleasure of seeing the newest in Bandai's "Macross Delta" series of 1/72 scale kits, Mirage Farina Jenius' VF-31C Siegfried, on display in each of its three transformable modes!




Hasegawa brought several amazing new kits to the 56th All Japan Model and Hobby Show this year! First up for 1/72 scale WWII aircraft fans is a new tool kit of the Kawanishi H8K2 Type 2 Flying Boat Model 12 also known as the "Emily"! Not content with their original ancient 1/72 Emily kit that was released in 1967 featuring raised rivet detail, Hasegawa has gone back to the drawing board, digital this time, to bring us an all new kit that is sure to feature fantastic detail inside and out! And for those wanting to add additional details to their Kawanishi H8K2 be sure to check out this optional photo-etched detail up set!


Next up and the biggest of the lot is a new tool kit of the IJN Junyo in 1/350th scale! Originally laid down as the passenger liner Kashiwara Maru, the Junyo was converted into an aircraft carrier and went on to serve in numerous battles throughout the war. And for those wanting to super detail their kit be sure to check out these additional aircraft, wooden deck seal, and photo-etched detail up sets!


In the works for November release is the Sv-262Hs Draken III from the hit new anime series "Macross Delta!" This is a non-transformable kit that can be built in its sleek looking fighter mode. Decals will be included to identify it as the unit flown by Keith Aero Windermere. Macross fans will also want to check out this decal re-release of the RVF-25 Super Messiah Macross F!


Car and offroad vehicle fans will be delighted to see this new tool 1/24th scale kit of the Suzuki Jimny JA11-5! Known as the Suzuki Samurai in many markets around the world, these small box-shaped 4WD vehicles have been popular with off-road enthusiasts due to their nimbleness and ability to traverse a variety of rough terrains.


Also be sure to check out Hasegawa's many other new re-releases that feature new parts, decals, and more!




Aoshima is bringing us another new fantastic detailed supercar: this time it's the beautiful Pagani Huayra in 1/24th scale! The Huayra made its first official appearance in 2011 and is the successor to the famous Pagani Zonda. Only 100 Huayras are to be built with each one costing around $1,314,000! Be sure to check out this extra detail set as well!


Following up with another great supercar release is a 1/24th scale kit of the Lamborghini Diablo GT! Only 80 examples of this super race-oriented Diablo were built and sold. Thanks to Aoshima now you will be able to build your very own! Also don't miss out on this extra detail-up parts set.


Aoshima is bringing us the big guns, the Yamato and Musashi from the hit anime series "Arpeggio of Blue Steel!" The IJN Yamato and Musashi are famous for being the largest battleships ever built in real life, and Aoshima is bringing us some new tool kits of these monstrous battleships as they appear in the series! For those wanting to add more details to their kits, be sure to also take a look at this new detail up parts set!


Royal Navy fans will be pleased to hear that another new tool WWII aircraft carrier kit is on the way! Aoshima is bringing us the HMS Illustrious in 1/700 scale waterline form. As with the other new Aoshima kits listed this one will also have an optional detail-up parts set available for those who want to spice up their kits!


Also for fans of the crazy styled trucks known as "Dekotora" in Japan comes this new release of the '80's styled Shiina Kyuso Fukusuke!


Fine Molds


Fine Molds is set to release a beautiful kit of the Tiger Moth pirate ship from the 1986 Ghibli movie "Castle in the Sky!" The ship was a stunning piece to behold at the show, with its uniquely curved shape, bird-like bow, and distinctive propellers. A flaptor will also be included in the ship, and an unpainted 1/20 scale figure of Captain Dola!


From Nomonhon in Mongolia to the Pacific, the Type 95 Kurogane was extensively used by the Imperial Japanese Army. A completely Japanese designed vehicle, the kit for this car will be a treat for military and car enthusiasts alike! Fine Molds has taken the time to look at a completely restored Type 95 Kurogane to create this kit, so it's full of realistic details!


Looking again to recreate vehicles used in the Nomonhan Incident on 1939, here's a redesigned kit for the Type 95 Light Tank Ha-Go. First produced in 1936, this tank was the most common Japanese armored fighting vehicle at the time. This particular edition from Fine Molds contains features used by the IJA to respond to the unique terrain in Nomonhan.


Wrapping up its series of Nomonhan releases, and perfect for use with the kits above, is a set of Kwantung Army figures. The Kwantung Army was a hugely influential command in the IJA, and was active from 1906 to its defeat in 1945. Four figures will be included in the set, wearing accurate and detailed uniforms.




The lead of the Izumo-class of helicopter destroyer ships has been recreated as a finely molded kit from Pit Road! The largest Japanese naval vessel since World War II, the Izumo DDH-183 was commissioned on March 25, 2015, so this is a truly modern kit. The JS Izumo will make an impact in any collection, so don't miss this release!


Once the flagship of the Pacific fleet, the USS BB-44 California now retains her former glory as a 1/700 model! The tough battleship was sunk in Pearl Harbor, but thanks to salvaging efforts, managed to continue serving until the end of World War II. This version from 1945 will feature the upgraded armament from after its reconstruction.


Pit Road hasn't forgotten the United Kingdom, and the HMS Valiant is its superb offering from the Royal Navy's extensive fleet! Commissioned in 1916, the Valiant underwent refits in 1930 and 1939, so we look forward to seeing all of the armament featured in this kit this November!


The Akizuki-class destroyer DD-161, an unofficial commanding destroyer, has also joined the Pit Road lineup! Designed and constructed entirely in Japan, the Akizuki-class were the first JMSDF ships to be equipped with a Mk. 108 Weapon Alpha. The DD-161 finished its service in 1993, but thanks to Pit Road it can soon join any collector's fleet!


A final addition to Pit Road's extensive lineup of 1/700 ships is the JMSDF DDH-143 Shirane. Only recently decommissioned in March 2015, the DDH-143 Shirane enjoyed many years of service from 1980 onwards. What better way to commemorate this impressive ship than by building it yourself!


GSI Creos


GSI Creos brings out its compact yet powerful Puchikon Boy lightweight airbrush in two new colors--sky blue and wine red! And new painting clips with clips on both ends will help you get your kit parts painted faster and easier than ever before!




Releasing in December from Platz in conjunction with Hobby NuNu is a new tool 1/24th scale kit of the BMW M6 GT3 race car! Having replaced the venerable 2010 Z4 GT3, the 2016 M6 GT3 ushers in a new era for BMW racing and has already won some races.


Platz also brings us a new variant of its detailed 1/72 Mitsubishi T-2 kit! The Experimental Control Configuration Vehicle testbed (CCV) T-2 differed from the other T-2s with three canards added for extra control.


The new selection of "Girls und Panzer" tank kits are sure to please fans, along with the accompanying figure sets in 1/35 scale, including the St. Gloriana Girls High School Figure Set, the Pravda Girls High School Nina & Arena Figure Set, and more!




Tamiya brought out the big guns with their brand new kit for a U.S.Self-Propelled 155mm Gun M40! Produced towards the end of WWII, the M40 was built on a modified M4A3 chassis. It was used by the American forces during WWII, and later by the British Army.


Next, we were delighted to see Tamiya's new addition to their 1/24 S0cale Sports Car Series - the Honda NSX! This kit was beautifully molded and was a standout in the Tamiya display. The second generation NSX was just released for sale in 2016, so this kit is a timely release that we were excited to check out!


Another kit we enjoyed seeing was the Kawasaki Ninja H2R! The supercharged motorcycle will be coming in December in 1/12 scale. The combination of black and green on the Ninja always makes for a great looking kit, and Tamiya's is no different!


Aircraft modellers the world over were eagerly awaiting this bit of news--Tamiya has a brand-new 1/48-scale Grumman F-14A Tomcat waiting in the wings and due to make a light landing in November! We also saw their new Mini 4WD Pro kit that's on the way--the God Burning Sun, built on the MA chassis for speed! Their new Spray Work Power Compressor, coming in October, also looked like it's ready to make painting a breeze!




Kotobukiya will bring 2016 to a sizzling end when it unleashes the TV-version EVA-01 in December! This non-scale masterwork looked amazing at the show! It has crazy-great articulation, and the included Progressive Knife and Pallet Rifle make for even more posing possibilities! Also on display was the Evangelion EVA-01 Unit in two different Godzilla color schemes!


For those who enjoy girls and mech', Kotobukiya brought several new surprises to the show, including the all new Busou Shinki Strarf, additions to their Megami Device series, as well as a display of their upcoming Frame Arms Girls! The wicked-quick Shulawga (you might know it as Shurouga) Sinwas also along for the ride. He's slated to join Kotobukiya's acclaimed series of Super Robot Wars kits this December.




Wave was there to impress with their 1/35 scale snap-fit kit of the Berserga DT from VOTOMS! The heavy-class armored trooper stood strong with all its heavy weaponry and bold color scheme. First seen in the 1983 series "Armored Trooper VOTOMS," it's perfect for fans of the classic original anime!


Wave also added to their popular Maschinen Krieger (SF3D) series of kits with the S.A.F.S. Wintermute! This set is a must-have for SF3D fans. It includes the H.A.F.S.Gladiator, S.A.F.S Snowman, and a mechanic figure. This special limited edition version also includes an optional Santa Claus outfit for the mechanic! This unique set is sure to be popular, so don't hesitate!


Taking it to the seas, next up was a kit for the IJN Destroyer Akizuki. This short-lived ship was commissioned in 1942, and sunk in 1944. While its history is brief, this kit wasn't short of interest, as the convertible kit allows you to choose between building the 1942 version, or the 1944 version! Detailed etching parts will also be included.


Drumroll please...since 2001, Taiko no Tatsujin has been a standard game in arcades all across Japan, offering an enjoyable challenge for kids and adults alike. Now, your action figures can join the fun! This 1/12 scale kit of the traditional drumming arcade game comes with foil stickers for all the markings, to make it look just like the real thing!


Finally, we managed to catch a sneak peak of a prototype VF-4 from the Macross series! The 1/72 scale variable fighter is expected to be released in 2017. Designed as a successor to the VF-1, we can't wait to see all the details on this exciting kit from Wave!




ICM showed off a number of new kits at the 2016 All Japan Model and Hobby Show. First up was a new variant of their 1/48th scale I-16 kit. This time as the later Type 24 variant with the upgraded Shvetsov M-63 engine that made 670 Kilowatts of power!


Another new release sure to make waves is this new tool 1/700th scale kit of the German Battleship Konig! Launched in 1913 the SMS Konig saw action with the rest of the High Seas Fleet during the first World War, including the Battle of Jutland!


ICM also showed off a new variant of their 1/35th scale Russian T-34 tank kit, this time as the -85 variant that featured the larger 85mm S-53 gun to better challenge the German Tigers and Panthers on the field.


There were also a few new kits in honor of the 100th anniversary of World War I, a new tool 1/35th scale Ford Model T 1917 Ambulance and some American Foot Soldiers that are sure to make for a great diorama!




Revell heated things up with their 1/25 scale kit of the Chevrolet C7.R, a grand tourer racing car that has won multiple races in the U.S. since its debut in 2014! We look forward to seeing the C7.R in all its glory when the kit releases this December. Another amazing kit from Revell was the G-1 version of the Junkers Ju 87, releasing in 1/48 scale this winter.




MPC rolled out three hot and classy cars at the show, including Bobby Isaac's 1972 Ford Torino Stock car, a racer with an astonishing number of wins in the 1973 season! The kit comes with a detailed motor, chassis and interior, along with vintage packaging! Next are the 1970 Pontiac Pickup / Open Sportster and a 1980 Plymouth Volare Road Runner (Fuzz Duster), all in 1/25 scale!




From the speedways to the stars above, a trio of iconic machines makes for great new AMT kits! The 1/1000 Star Trek U.S.S. Excelsior, slated for October release, will include optional parts to build your choice of the NX-2000 and NCC-2000 versions. Racing into stock the following month will be the 1/25 1964 Plymouth Belvedere Lawman, featuring two different hood scoop options, and a snap-fit 1/25 offering of a more modern speed machine, the 2016 Chevrolet Camaro SS!




Takom, known for their fantastic modern armor kits takes a step back in time to release a trio of new tool WWII German King Tiger tank kits in 1/35th scale! Featuring full interiors, correct scale armor thickness and molded on zimmerit, these will surely be the king of all King Tiger kits! Your choice of Henschel, Porsche, or the special 505 unit kits are available for order now. Also from the same era comes a new kit of the WWII German Tractor Hanomag SS100 in 1/35th scale. Fans of modern armor aren't being left behind either as a new G6 Rhino SANDF Self-Propelled Howitzer is also due out soon!




Coming soon from Meng is a kit that will please both armor and car modelers alike! The Hummer H1 is a well known vehicle having served in the US Army for many years before becoming popular as a civilian vehicle as well! Featuring a hood and doors that can be opened, the 1/24th scale Meng Hummer H-1 is sure to be an impressive model!


Tiger Model


Tiger Model stuck to modern armor with their releases for the show. Leading the charge is a new kit of the modernized Russian T-90MS Main Battle Tank which is an updated version of the S model that was designed for export sales. A French VBL Milan, Israeli Nagmachon, and a Russian BMPT-72 Terminator II round out their modern armor offerings.


Special Hobby


Special Hobby takes to the skies with a number of different aircraft offerings. For 1/32 scale modelers, and modelers of WWII Russian VVS comes a Yakovlev Yak-3 "Normandie-Niemen" version. 1/48th scale modelers will have a Bucker Bu 181 Bestmann and Pfalz E.I to look forward to. And last but not least 1/72 scale modelers have a Nakajima Ki-43-II Otsu on the way and a recently-released Barracuda Mk.II!


Other Manufacturers


A number of other manufacturers were also present at the show with their latest releases:


Kitty Hawk has just released a nicely detailed new tool kit of the early US Navy jet fighter F2H-2 & 2P Banshee in 1/48th scale.


Flyhawk Models is ready to float your boat with their recently released HMS Hermes that is sure to live up the the standards of their other great 1/700 scale ship kits.


The legendary air-cooled 6-cylinder Porsche boxer engine that powered the classic 911 sports car will also be receiving a 1/4th scale injection kit courtesy of Franzis!


Panda Hobby was at the show as well with their latest kit of the Russian 9K330 TOR-M1 Missile System with workable tracks in 1/35th scale.


In honor of the 100th anniversary of WWI, Mark I Models have just released three new kits of the early Zeppelin in 1/720th scale!