All-Japan Model & Hobby Show 2018: Sneak Peek

All Japan Model and Hobby Show 2018

New Model Kits from Japan, Available for Preorder Now!

The 58th Annual All Japan Model and Hobby Show will be held Sept. 28-30 at Tokyo's Big Sight venue, and we've got the scoop on the newest model kits from your favorite manufacturers!

Each manufacturer — Aoshima, Fine Molds, Hasegawa and many more — is giving us a sneak peek at the model kits they'll be presenting at the show. But there promises to be plenty of surprises in store for us at the show too, so stay tuned to as well as our Facebook and Twitter page when we cover the event on September 28th!

We're continuing to add info and photos of new items debuting at the show, so keep checking back!

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Bandai has a real treat for all you Gundam fans out there -- a brand-new Perfect Grade kit will make its debut at this year's All Japan Hobby Show! We can't wait to find out more, but for the time being we'll have to guess as to which suit will get the PG treatment this time around.

Furthermore, the Gun EZ will be the newest entry in Bandai's RE/100 line! This continued range of kits features 1/100-scale kits with essentially no inner frame for greater ease of assembly, with newly designed joints for posability. Bandai also brings us more Real Grade goodness with a Full Armor Unicorn Gundam, and adds the Dijeh to its High Grade Universal Century lineup! We'll also be getting an SD Cross Silhouette Unicorn Gundam with the Phenex, and some Build Divers too. We're also excited to see that Bandai is continuing their Pokemon Plamo range, this time with Eevee joining the lineup. Many more excellent kits by Bandai are also on the way, so be sure to check out the full list!

Hasegawa has aces galore to unveil this year, including a sharp new 1/72 kit in their Creators Works line, the Fighter-1! Featured in the space adventures of Crusher Joe and his team in novels, manga, a movie, and OVAs, the December-release Fighter-1 will be able to be displayed either parked or in flight. You get in-scale figures of Crusher Joe and Crusher Talos, too. All in a box illustrated by the renowned Tankro Kato!

Also earning the Tankro Kato box treatment is this 1/35-scale kit of Yanmar's iconic red tractor, celebrating 50 years of history. Its latest design will be immortalized in this newly tooled kit, with rubber tires that rotate thanks to polycaps, and front wheels that can be steered left and right. A male operator, from a prototype by Satoshi Tsujimura, will be along for the ride. Coming in November!

Sporting its distinctive overfender, the early-type Mitsubishi Galant GTO 2000GSR returns to 1/24-scale kit form in November, now with a slew of new parts: chassis, muffler, front grill, overfender, rear panel, rear seat, air outlet, front seat, wheel rims, tail lights, and tires! An entry in Hasegawa's Historic Car line, this '70s speed machine promises to be another pleasure to build.

From "Macross Delta" comes this November limited-release kit of Theo and Xao's Sv-262Ba Draken III that's ready to jam, thanks to its new Lil Draken jamming system parts! The Lil Draken can be built either stored or popped up. Decal markings are included to finish it as either Theo or Xao's machine. Box art by Hidetaka Tenjin, too!

Also in the works for this autumn is a new quartet of special offerings coupling model aircraft kits with shapely resin figure kits from Satoshi Tsujimura sculpts! In the Egg Girls Collection, Sara Maiyuki will be teamed with an egg-style T-4, while Claire Frost and a stylized Hughes 500 will delight builders. "Strike Witches" fans can look forward to Sanya V. Lityak with a Yakovlev Yak-3 and Mio Sakamoto with a Shiden-Kai. Plenty of modeling excitement from Hasegawa!

Fine Molds introduces a kit of the aircraft that held the Asia-Europe airspeed record, set in 1937! They also have a Type 97 reconnaissance plane, the rugged Type 95 Light Tank that saw action on the Malay Pensinsula, and German ace Erich Hartmann's Messerschmitt Bf 109 G-6 at the time when he'd only achieved 21 victories! A new detail-up set for the 1/700-scale battleship Kongo is also on its way.

Aoshima brings us a spectacular new-mold kit of the gorgeous Lamborghini Huracan Performante, along with a set of photo-etched detail parts exclusively for that kit! The Lancia Delta S4 1986 Monte Carlo Rally winner also gets a new kit and a set of detail-up parts, as does the stunning custom LB Works R35 GT-R (in cooperation with Beemax)! WWII ship fans will appreciate the 1/700-scale waterline kit of the HMS Exeter's standard version, and you can add a whole fleet of the iconic Toyota 2000GT to your lineup with three new affordable snapfit kits, each molded in color so painting isn't necessary!

Kotobukiya brings the sci-fi to the All Japan Hobby Show, as they expand their HEXA GEAR world with the Agnirage -- a dragon-like mech with a devastating high-altitude attack! And their ever-popular Megami Device mecha-girl kits gain two new members as well: Chaos & Pretty Magical Girl Darkness, and Chaos & Pretty Witch Darkness!

The "Maschinen Krieger" universe gains another fighting machine thanks to Wave's kit of the reconnaissance-equipped S.A.F.S. R Space Prowler! A different type of fighting mecha from the animated series "Armored Trooper Votoms" is also on the way, with their kits of the Diving Beetle and Blood Sucker, featuring snap-fit assembly; the Blood Sucker also comes with a first-release bonus: a figure of Yoran Pailsen! And modelers can add lots of useful, thoughtfully designed tools to their workbenches with Wave's help, headlined by their HG Multi Angle Vise and Quick Change Pin Vise L.

Pit-Road brings us a magnificent 1/700 model of the legendary IJN Yamato as she was seen in her original appearance in 1941, and also provides a broad-ranging parts set for 1/700-scale IJN ships that can be used with many different escort vessels in that scale! The Royal Air Force's Avro Vulcan, armed with its Blue Steel air-to-ground cruise missile, makes a light landing in their 1/144-scale kit lineup, and the Yamato's Type 89 high-angle cannon with shield gets a resin kit release as well!

The legendary Spitfire, England's main WWII aircraft, tops the list of kits offered by Platz! In addition to the Spitfire, they're also bringing out Japan's Mitsubishi F-1 and F-15J Eagle; all three of these 1/72-scale kits feature decals by Cartograf! And scratch-build enthusiasts will welcome Platz's new tools, such as the Movable Kehiki Ruler SUZY for pinpoint-accurate measurement of metal sheets, and the Tip Taper Type Fina file to help smooth out the smallest of areas on your models!

For this year's hobby show, Doyusha brings us the F-4B Phantom II "VF-111 Sundowners" in 1/48th scale! The parts come molded in a color closely resembling the real aircraft, so the model will look great even without paint. They're also bringing out a B-25 Mitchell in 1/48th scale, which will have a wing span of 43cm when completed to make a big impact in your collection. Accompanying their kits is a new Kisage Cutter with a short blade to make building your plastic models that much easier!

In addition to their aircraft selection Doyusha is bringing back their kit of the Himeji Castle (located in Hyogo Prefecture, Japan) with renewed packaging, and they've got an R/C Quad Buggy on the way, too!

Tamiya is bringing an exciting lineup of newly tooled favourites and brand-spanking new kits to the All Japan Hobby Show! We'll be looking out for their completely new tooling of the M3A1 Scout Car - as the car took on a wide variety of roles throughout many countries throughout WWII, it'd be a great addition to many dioramas or collections.

Then, be sure to ready your engines for the Toyota Gazoo Racing TS050 Hybrid! Coming on Tamiya's popular MA Chassis and with a polycarbonate body, this fantastically stylish hybrid claimed the 24 Hours of Le Mans in the Le Mans Prototype class. With its highly aerodynamic body featuring a low bonnet and raised front and rear fenders, we're just as excited to hear about its performance on the Mini 4WD track!

Always a stickler for details, Tamiya are also releasing a metal barrel perfect for those who already have the JGSDF Type 16 Maneuver Combat Vehicle in their collection. With its distinctive 63 holes, and a shape which has been carefully formed from barrel to muzzle, it's sure to greatly improve the sense of precision of any Type 16 it's added to.

The perfect addition to any Tamiya haul is of course something to protect your work surface when building their kits, which is where the Tamiya Cutting Mat Alpha comes in. We've always found Tamiya's cutting mats to be nice and durable thanks to their multi-layer technology, which helps protect both your knife blade and the mat itself from extensive wear. This one comes in a handy A3 half size.

Long-time Mini 4WD enthusiasts might remember the Fighter Magnum VFX from 2003 - and we hope you'll be pleased to hear it's receiving an upgrade! The Fighter Magnum VFX Premium will come on the Super II Chassis, and we're sure you'll enjoy checking out the other improvements that have been made to its body and markings.

Takom's selection of fine kits keeps growing, further cementing their position as one of the top manufacturers in the world of scale models! On display at the show will be their new Panther Ds, one with zimmerit coating, the other with clear hull parts, and the much-awaited M3A1 Lee and Lee CDL tanks with cast hulls. More new items to be announced!

As always, Meng will showcase a great selection of fantastic new kits at the show, including their new Bergepanther recovery tank, a limited edition Ernst Barkmann Panther D, and more.

They've also got some more fun 'n' easy World War Toons tanks and Warship Builder "super-deformed" kits, including their newest addition to the Pinky World War Toons series, the Panther in orange!

This new maker exploded on the scene with their excellent kit of the Montana in 1/700 scale, and have been releasing great kits one after the other ever since! On display at the show will be another Montana class battleship, this time in a more massive 1/35th scale! If you are also a fan of 1/350 scale US Battleships then take a look at their recently released series of Iowa class battleships as well. A new 1/350th Missouri was even released recently as an 'easy version' replacing some of the difficult to build photo etch metal detail parts with plastic injected versions!

1/32 WWI aircraft specialist Wingnut Wings keeps the early aviation coming with a new series of great kits featuring resin figures of the famous pilots, such as the Red Baron and Max Immelmann. These resin figures accompany the wonderfully detailed aircraft kits the famous pilots were known for, and the boxes feature special packaging as well!

Kitty Hawk continues to impress with great new kits of the famous aircraft! Up next is the F-5F in 1/32. This is the first double-seat version of the Tiger II F-5F to receive the plastic kit treatment, and the kit comes with 12 markings versions, plus two resin figures and a boarding ladder, too. Also coming in 1/48 is the two-seat Russian jet trainer/light attack aircraft which made its first flight in 1996, the Yak-130 (also known as the "Mitten")!

Eduard's upcoming kit release feature a super-detailed 1/48 MiG-23 MF/FL (with a 140-page photo book and decals by Cartograf for an incredible 13 versions!), a 1/48 Avia S-99/C-10 (with newly-molded wing parts), and a 1/48 Czechoslovakian SPAD XIII. These are all limited-edition kits!

The high-quailty kits from Sword keep on coming, with these new 1/72 releases of the Lightning T4.5 and a pair of RF-84F Thunderflashes. With exhausts that sit one on top of the other instead of side by side like most fighter planes the Lightning T4.5 is sure to liven up anyone's jet model collection!

Ryefield will have their unique T-34/122 on display (featuring link-and-length tracks with etched parts), along with the recently released Sturmtiger, complete with a fully detailed interior! Both are in an assertive 1/35 scale.

Some interesting modern armor subjects are inbound from Panda Hobby, representing vehicles from the U.S. (the M8 Armored Gun System, with only 8 ever produced due to budget cuts), Russia (the distinctively shaped 9A310M1 Telar missile system, NATO code name "Grizzly"), and China!

GSI Creos brings us a number of new tools to help modelers take their modeling to new heights! First up is the Mr. Deburring Rod G! This innovative tool helps you remove mold line and injection marks in hard to reach places that normal sand paper can't reach! How it works is that it has been designed with a unique curved blade. Just scrape away at the plastic by putting the blade on the part and scraping by pulling it towards you. It's that easy!

Next up is the Kiwami Modeling Diamond File #400! Just like the Deburring Rod G the Kiwami Modeling Diamond File #400 has been designed with a curved filing area to help you get into tight spaces! Perfect for those times when you need to file away at a part that straight files just can't reach. And with a diamond grit of #400 you get a perfect balance of roughness to smoothness.

GSI Creos also looks to help modelers get a hand of things with the Procon Boy Handgrip for LWA Trigger Type. If you have the LWA Trigger Type airbrush from GSI Creos and want a bit of extra grip then this add-on is for you!

The last one is a bit hard! That's because this 350g of Mr. Clay hard type is made with gypsum powder! Perfect for making figures, accessories and curved parts!

GODHAND is known for their top-quality hobby tools, and they're adding to their extensive list of supplies with the Amazing Cutter, as well as extra small scribing files, which come in two versions to suit the needs of both right-handed and left-handed modelers. Be sure to add these new tools to your work station for your next modeling project!

Other Manufacturers

Plenty of other manufacturers will have new products on display at the show too! Revell Germany presents its entirely new-mold kit of the Ukrainian airlift cargo aircraft, the Antonov An-225 Mriya -- the heaviest aircraft ever built at 640 tons! Moebius continues their fine line of sci-fi film kits with their 1/1000 U.S.S. Kelvin from the 2009 "Star Trek" reboot film, and also the Space Pod from "2001: A Space Odyssey," intensely detailed at 1/8 scale! Amusing Hobby brings us back down to Earth with their 1/35 12.8cm Flak 40 accompanied by a FuMG 39D radar antenna, and Freedom Model Kits adds a lighthearted touch with their superdeformed yet still highly accurate F-104J and F-104DJ combination kit!