Girls und Panzer

The basic premise of the Girls und Panzer anime is that in this world, the popular sport for high school girls is the operation and competitive combat of tanks! The inter-school rivalries are intense, with each school fielding its own tank for competion. How they get these tanks is a bit vague, but get them they do!

Since this unique new anime series began airing on TV, many people have started building tank models for the first time. Rough and tumble as tanks are, they make great subjects for first-time modelers. 

In addition to kits, there are tons of aftermarket parts. Metal gun barrels that are easy to attach even for beginners, plus indy-link track sets that are a bit more difficult to build, but offer that great sag! 

Here's a listing of available kits of tanks that appear in the show, both official "Girls und Panzer" kits and others "normal" kits (those "normal" kits don't have the decals and exact details of the anime tanks), along with the school that operates the type. Fun! 

(C) GIRLS und PANZER Projekt

Ooarai Girls High School

Panzer IV Ausf. D (Anglerfish Team)

Initially conceived to support the Panzer III, the Panzer IV itself ended up becoming one of the workhorse German tanks of WWII, with models running from A to J. 

There are many model kits of this tank, too. The Platz kit is an advanced kit with many parts. For beginners, the Tamiya Panzer IV Ausf.D is recommended.

Panzer IV Ausf.D Kits & Accessoriess

Panzer 38(t) Ausf.B/C (Turtle Team)

A Czech design used by the Germans in WWII. The Hetzer and Marder III were also based on this tank. The (t) in 38(t) was the German designation for "Czech," not an indication of the tank's weight (it only weighed about 10 tons). 

The kit is highly detailed, with tons of rivets. Like the real tank, model manufacturers have released many variants based on the chassis. 

Panzer 38(t) Kits & Accessories

StuG III Ausf.F (Hippo Team)

A turretless German assault tank based on the Panzer III chassis. The lack of a turret gave it a low profile, a plus on the battlefield. 

As popular with modelers as it was effective on the battlefield. Like the Panzer III, there are many variations of the StuG III. 

StuG III Ausf.F Kits & Accessories

Type 89 Medium Tank Type Kou (Duck Team)

The first tank made in Japan. First introduced in Manchuria in 1931, it influenced the designs of later Japanese tanks such as the Type 97. 

Fine Molds is the only maker to offer a Type 89 as an injection kit. This all-new kit is easy to build, even for beginners. 

Type 89 Medium Tank & Accessories

M3 Lee Medium Tank (Rabbit Team)

America's main tank at the start of WWII. It was literally stacked with weapons, with a 75mm gun in the hull, a 37mm gun in  the turret, and a .30 caliber machine gun in the cupola. 

In 1/35 scale, kits are offered by Tamiya and Academy.

M3 Medium Tank Kits & Accessories


St. Gloriana Girls Academy

Churchill Infantry Tank Mark VIII

The well-known British tank named after the stalwart British prime minister during WWII. A heavily armored "infantry tank," designed to move with and support the infantry. 

A variety of excellent kits in several variations are available from Tamiya and AFV Club.

Churchill Kits & Accessories

Matilda II Infantry Tank Mk.III´╝ĆIV

Like the Churchill, this famous British tank was heavily armored for infantry support. It could shrug off hits from any German AT guns other than the mighty 88.

The recent kits by Tamiya are highly recommended. 

Matilda II Kits & Accessories

Crusader British Cruiser Tank

Unlike the heavy infantry tanks, the cruiser tanks sacrficed thick armor for high speed. 

There aren't a lot of kits currently available in 1/35 scale, but Tamiya's 1/48 scale kit  is excellent. 

Crusader Kits & Accessories


Saunders University High School

M4 Sherman

America's main tank during WWII. There were endless variations, including British versions. 

There are many great kits of the Sherman available from Tamiya, Dragon, Tasca, and others. For beginners, the Tamiya kits are recommended. 

M4 Sherman Kits & Accessories


Based on the American M4 Sherman, the British Firefly packed extra firepower with its 17-pounder gun.

Tasca makes an excellent kit of the Firefly.

Firefly Kits & Accessories


Kuromorimine Girls High School

Tiger I

Perhaps the most famous tank of WWII, the mighty German Tiger I needs no introduction! 

Model kits of the Tiger are also just as is one of the most modeled tanks of all time! 

Tiger I Kits & Accessories


Chihatan High School

Type 97 Medium Tank Chi-Ha

The main tank of the Japanese army during WWII. "Chi-Ha" was the simple designation of the type. 

Excellent kits are available from Tamiya and Fine Molds. 

Type 97 Chi-Ha Kits & Accessories


Anzio High School

P40 Heavy Tank

An Italian heavy tank used by both Italy and Germany during WWII. 

The Italeri kit is also available as packaged for the Japanese market by Tamiya.

P40 Kits & Accessories

M40 Semovente

Another Italian design, based on the Carro Armato M13/40 light tank. 

The old but great Tamiya kit is recommended. 

M40 Semovente Kits & Accessories


Pravda High School


Although it hasn't appeared in the show yet, we do get a glimpse of the silhouette in the opening!  The appearance of the Soviet T-34 was a big shock to the Germans during WWII, and had a big influence on later German tank development, particularly the Panther. 

Fitting most people's image of "a tank," the T-34's simple but striking form has made it very popular with armor modelers. Kits abound! 

T-34/85 Kits & Accessoris

JS-2 Stalin

This is another tank that only shows up as a silhouette during the show's opening. This massive Soviet tank could go toe to toe with the German Panthers and Tigers, with its potent 122mm main gun. 

Kits are available from Tamiya and Dragon. The Tamiya kit is the most recent, and is highly recommended. 

JS-2 Stalin Kits & Accessories



Type 10 Main Battle Tank

The latest tank of the Japan Ground Self Defense Forces, and one of the most advanced tanks in the world. 

Models are available from Aoshima (1/48)Fujimi (1/72), and Pit-Road (1/144). No kits are available in 1/35 yet, but it's only a matter of time! 

Type 10 Main Battle Tank Kits & Accessories



Char B1 Bis

A unique French tank that saw action early in WWII, and captured vehicles were also used by Germany. 

The Tamiya kit of this French tank is outstanding. If this tank appears in the anime, it will be interesting to see it go up against other older tanks like the Type 89 and the M3 Lee!

Char B1 Bis Kits & Accessories