Macross Delta Walkure Decal Campaign!
This campaign has ended.
Macross Delta Walküre Decal Campaign Conditions:
Begins February 28, 2017 (JST)!

As long as stocks last, one sheet of Macross Delta decals will be included with each qualifying kit at the time the kit is packed to ship out. (If you order a kit not currently in stock, or select Private Warehouse as the order handling method for your order, please be aware that stock of the free decals may run out before the item ships. This campaign is only good as long as our stock of decals last!)

Please note that there is only one type of decal design available, so if you ship more than one qualifying kit from the campaign, you will receive the same sheet of decals each time in your order.

If you have a qualifying kit in your Private Warehouse ordered before the campaign began, a decal sheet will be included if the kit is shipped during the campaign period, as long as supplies last!