30 Super Sentai Super Collection

by  Syogakukan
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This item is a Japanese-language book or magazine about science-fiction subjects related to anime and/or modeling. 390 pages.   Click here for sizing chart.

When it comes to the colorful history of the sentai genre, no other book in memory can come close to the comprehensiveness of Shogakukan's "30 Super Sentai Super Collection"! Not only does this hefty 390-page softcover book cover all 30 shows from "Go Ranger" (1975) through "Boukenger" (2006), it also provides an in-depth look at each of their American "Power Rangers" incarnations, from "Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers" (1995) to 2007's "Power Rangers: Operation Overdrive"!

No less than 319 pages are devoted to covering each of the 30 Super Sentai series in exhaustive detail, with tons of color photos and information on their characters, suits, weapons, robots, transformation scenes, finishing moves, main villains and monsters of the week. That's followed by a complete episode list for all 30 shows with on-air dates, episode titles, names of the monsters that appeared in each episode, and a short episode story guide. Theme song lyrics and a complete list of the cast and staff involved in each show are also provided. There's a brief look at 2007's new "Geki Ranger," too!

The remaining pages provide readers with a comprehensive look into all of the American "Power Rangers" shows to date, with lots of photos and information on the characters, suits, and weapons, as well as the power-up suit designs that were only used in the American version of the shows. A complete episode list with episode titles, names of the monsters that appeared in each episode, and short episode story guide is also included.

As if that wasn't great enough, this book also comes with a special 25-minute DVD (Region 2), narrated by Doggy Krueger of "Deka Ranger"/"Power Rangers: S.P.D.", with two main features: a collection of 30 Super Sentai toy commercials (one from each series), and an assortment of prime fight scenes from the American "Power Rangers" shows, for your viewing pleasure!

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Super Sentai
Date Released:
March 2007
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25.6 x 21.2 x 2.6 cm / 1430g



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