Revoltech Evangelion Evolution: Evangelion Unit-02

by Kaiyodo
$38.20 USD $42.45 USD


This is a posable action figure from the Revoltech series.

Revoltech brings back their fantastic "Evangelion Evolution" releases with the gorgeous new EVA-02! Sculpted after its appearance in the theatrical films, this EVA-02 stands a majestic 14cm tall, and has been designed to duplicate the fantastic acrobatic moves seen on screen, with its extensive jointing and improved flexibility. Like all Revoltechs, it comes with tons of great accessories: special shoulder and forearm parts for its aerial mode, two progressive knives, a crossbow railgun, umbilical cable, 12 hands, an "Angel core" to kick around, and four tentacles from the 7th Angel!  You'll definitely want to take this one out of the box and have fun with it--place your order today!


Code: KYD10504
Release Date: Dec 2017
Item Size/Weight: 22.0cm x 21.5cm x 6.6cm / 290g
Manufacturer: Kaiyodo