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KSH69010B-27 Kyosho 1/48 M1A2 Abrams Desert 27Mhz Discontinued ¥3,840
KSH69010C-40 Kyosho 1/48 M1A2 Abrams Camo. 40Mhz Discontinued ¥3,840
KSH69010G-27 Kyosho 1/48 M1A2 Abrams Dark Green 27Mhz Discontinued ¥3,840
KSH69020B-27 Kyosho 1/48 Challenger Desert Brown 27MHz Discontinued ¥3,840
KSH69020C-40 Kyosho 1/48 Challenger Desert Camo. 40MHz Discontinued ¥3,840
KSH69940 Kyosho 1/48 Leopard 2A5 Dark Green 35MHz Out of Stock
Usually ships within 4 to 6 weeks
KSH69941 Kyosho 1/48 Leopard 2A5 SW Camo. 45MHz Discontinued ¥3,840
KSH69942 Kyosho 1/48 Leopard 2A5 NATO Camo. 57Mhz Discontinued ¥3,840
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