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ONS66244 Fire Emblem Music Collection: Piano -Faith & Engagement- from Onsen  Price: ¥2,963 Sept. 2017 Release

When do I have to pay for my pre-order?

KNGKDCM0016 Ai no Senkou / Musumetto from King Record  Price: ¥1,300 In Stock
SGK59213 THE IDOLM@STER Million Live! 2 Limited (with Original CD) from Syogakukan  Price: ¥1,852 In Stock
KNGKDCM0017 Irodori Trichromatic / Otometto from King Record  Price: ¥1,300 In Stock
SRCL6564 Hey Now! / COOLON from Sony Music Records  Price: ¥1,165 In Stock
MDFZMCZ3684 Yuen No Amulet / momo-i from Media Factory  Price: ¥1,200 In Stock
MOV18731 Gun Parade March Original Drama Soundtrack from Movic  Price: ¥3,000 In Stock
BNP12475-CD Ichiban Kuji Kyousougiga CD: Drama CD & Music CD from Banpresto  Price: ¥900 In Stock
COCYRCN10187 Jibun No Uta - A Beautiful Day / The Whey-hey-hey Brothers from Columbia Music Entertainment  Price: ¥1,000 In Stock
SMCL108 Kimi to Iu Na no Hikari from Music Ray'n  Price: ¥1,165 In Stock
GONMMCC4107 Sen No Yoru To Hitotsu No Asa / Mitsuki Saiga from Geneon Entertainment  Price: ¥1,200 In Stock
AVCCTCR80022 Shoboi Kao Sun-nayo Baby/ The Loose Dogs from Avex Mode  Price: ¥1,100 In Stock
BMGBVCR19679 ALRIGHT/ JP Geronimo & Love Guerrilla Experience from BMG Japan  Price: ¥1,000 In Stock
AVCD16107 Prism of Eyes / MAX from Avex Mode  Price: ¥1,000 In Stock
AVCAVCA22758 Ohayo/ 3-nin Musume from Avex Mode  Price: ¥1,200 In Stock
AVCD30837 Zero / Aiko Ikuta from Avex Mode  Price: ¥1,000 In Stock
AVCNFCD27013 Here we go!/ Missile Innovation from Avex Mode  Price: ¥1,000 In Stock
AVCD30906 Ashiato/ Clair from Avex Mode  Price: ¥1,000 In Stock
IDXNECM12117 Dream Dream Dream/ Yume Bouei Shojo-tai from Index Music  Price: ¥1,190 In Stock
CRCP10178 Natsu No Owari Ga Mada Koko Ni Aru / The Local Art from Nippon Crown  Price: ¥952 In Stock
TBSTRAK0047 destiny/ CHiYO from Tsubasa Record  Price: ¥1,100 In Stock
BSCG85118 Yadokari Typhoon! Perfect Arrange Album from Be! Smile  Price: ¥2,667 In Stock
BNP12215-E Ichiban Kuji E: Radio CD from Banpresto  Sale Price: ¥350 (List Price: ¥700 , You Save ¥350 )
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