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Code Company Item Name Stock Status Price
ORG02034 Organic Kawachi Tessyo 2nd Discontinued ¥850
ORG02128 Organic Hellsing Figure Collection #2: Reverse Cross Arcard (Alucard) Discontinued ¥1,530
ORG02129 Organic Hellsing Figure Collection #2: Bayonet Andersen Discontinued ¥1,530
ORG02123 Organic Tezuka Moderno Labo Leo Discontinued ¥850
ORG02126 Organic Tezuka Moderno Labo Sharaku Discontinued ¥850
ORG02125 Organic Tezuka Moderno Labo Dr. Ochanomizu Discontinued ¥850
ORG02124 Organic Tezuka Moderno Labo Sapphire Discontinued ¥850
ORG02118 Organic Black List Spin Off Supplementary Collection No. 1 Riki Saotome 1st Discontinued ¥350
ORG02113 Organic Tezuka Moderno Labo Black Jack Discontinued ¥850
ORG02114 Organic Tezuka Moderno Labo Hi no Tori Discontinued ¥850
ORG02111 Organic Hellsing Figure Collection Bloods & Bats Discontinued ¥1,530
ORG02110 Organic Hellsing Figure Collection Awaiting Discontinued ¥1,530
ORG02116 Organic Bando Hideto Discontinued ¥850
ORG02209 Organic Dorombo Trio (Doronjo & Boyakki & Tonzura) Discontinued ¥2,250
ORG02210 Organic Yatter Wan Discontinued ¥612
ORG02271 Organic Laughing Man Light Key Chain Discontinued ¥765
ORG02240 Organic 1/12 Roland Fantom G-6 Discontinued ¥1,800
ORG02314 Organic Yatter Panda & Kopanda Discontinued ¥612
ORG02317 Organic Yatter Yokozuna Discontinued ¥612
ORG02316 Organic Yatter Pelican Discontinued ¥612
ORG02315 Organic Yatter Ankou Discontinued ¥612
ORG02303 Organic Mickey Mouse PVC Discontinued ¥1,088
ORG02304 Organic Minnie Mouse PVC Discontinued ¥1,088
ORG02313 Organic Yatter Zo Discontinued ¥612
ORG02419 Organic Yamato Rebirth Hand Towel with Logo Discontinued ¥517
ORG02335 Organic Yamato Rebirth Bath Towel with Logo Discontinued ¥2,285
ORG02336 Organic Yamato Rebirth Towel with Logo Discontinued ¥914
ORG02310 Organic Coaster B Suzume & Ayumu Discontinued ¥450
ORG71271 Organic Yamato Poster Towel: Farewell Yamato Discontinued ¥2,240
ORG71272 Organic Yamato Poster Towel: Be Forever Yamato Discontinued ¥2,240
ORG71273 Organic Yamato Poster Towel: Final Yamato Discontinued ¥2,240
ORG71275 Organic Yamato Poster Towel: Rebirth B Discontinued ¥2,240
ORG71274 Organic Yamato Poster Towel: Rebirth A Discontinued ¥2,240
ORG02071 Organic Tezuka Moderno Labo Pinoko Discontinued ¥850
ORG02070 Organic Tezuka Moderno Labo Atom Discontinued ¥850
ORG02058 Organic Harumichi Bouya Discontinued ¥850
ORG02163 Organic Attacked Kuma 3 Pink Discontinued ¥2,250
ORG02162 Organic Attacked Kuma 3 Green Discontinued ¥2,250
ORG02161 Organic Attacked Kuma 3 Blue Discontinued ¥2,250
ORG02175 Organic Koedalien Dokukkino Red Discontinued ¥2,295
ORG02176 Organic Koedalien Dokukkino Black Discontinued ¥2,295
ORG07036 Organic Tom & Jerry Vignette Figure 3: Indian Discontinued ¥1,088
ORG07037 Organic Tom & Jerry Vignette Figure 4: Present Discontinued ¥1,088
ORG05416 Organic Marvel 3 age Black Spider-Man Discontinued ¥748
ORG05418 Organic Marvel 3 age Wolverine Repaint Version Discontinued ¥748
ORG05419 Organic Marvel 3 age Iron Man Repaint Version Discontinued ¥748
ORG05415 Organic Marvel 3 age Spider-Man Pearl Version Discontinued ¥748
ORG05417 Organic Marvel 3 age Hulk Repaint Version Discontinued ¥748
ORG02432 Organic Yamato Rebirth Original Cap Discontinued ¥2,209
ORG02433 Organic Yamato Rebirth Original Lighter Discontinued ¥1,143
ORG08002 Organic Yamato Bath Towel: Kodai Discontinued ¥1,344
ORG08003 Organic Yamato Bath Towel: Mori Discontinued ¥1,344
ORG08005 Organic Yamato Towel: Mori Yuki Discontinued ¥544
ORG08004 Organic Yamato Towel: Kodai Discontinued ¥544
ORG02078 Organic Tom & Jerry Vignette Figure 2: Chasing Race Discontinued ¥1,088
ORG02077 Organic Tom & Jerry Vignette Figure 1: Cheese Discontinued ¥1,088
ORG02100 Organic Tezuka Moderno Labo Atom Santa Ver. Discontinued ¥850
ORG02101 Organic Tezuka Moderno Labo Leo Santa Ver. Discontinued ¥850
ORG02081 Organic Tezuka Moderno Labo Tink Discontinued ¥850
ORG02090 Organic Tezuka Moderno Labo Pluto Discontinued ¥850
ORG02091 Organic Tezuka Moderno Labo Unico Discontinued ¥850
ORG02106 Organic Tokiko Tsumura Discontinued ¥1,530
ORG02105 Organic Kazuki Mutou Discontinued ¥1,530
ORG02107 Organic Papillon Discontinued ¥1,530
ORG02149 Organic Maneuver-Slave Collection: Proto Garland Discontinued ¥1,000
ORG02152 Organic Maneuver-Slave Collection: Hagan for Space Combat Discontinued ¥1,800
ORG02146 Organic Felix One Hundred Mini Figure Collection: 1 Box (8pcs) Discontinued ¥2,380
ORG02150 Organic Maneuver-Slave Collection: GR-2 Discontinued ¥1,000
ORG02157 Organic Biohazard Figure Collection: Zombie & Cerberus Discontinued ¥1,440
ORG02151 Organic Maneuver-Slave Collection: Hagan Discontinued ¥1,800
ORG02148 Organic Maneuver-Slave Collection: Garland Discontinued ¥1,000
ORG02158 Organic Biohazard Figure Collection: Chris Redfield vs. Yawn Discontinued ¥1,980
ORG02160 Organic Biohazard Figure Collection: Rebecca Chambers vs. Hunter Discontinued ¥1,710
ORG02159 Organic Biohazard Figure Collection: Jill Valentine vs. Chimera Discontinued ¥1,980
ORG02155 Organic Biohazard Figure Collection: Tyrant Discontinued ¥1,710
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