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Code Company Item Name Stock Status Price
TKT78072 Takara Tomy Nissan Skyline Sedan (V36) Discontinued ¥280
TKT78073 Takara Tomy Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X Discontinued ¥280
TKT74224 Takara Tomy #053 Nissan Diesel Quon In Stock
Orders usually filled within 7-9 days
TKT74682 Takara Tomy #069 Aquarium Truck w/Whale Shark In Stock
Orders usually filled within 7-9 days
TKT74686 Takara Tomy 1/63 #025 Mitsuoka Orochi In Stock
Orders usually filled within 7-9 days
TKT74688 Takara Tomy #051 Toyota Crown Comfort Taxi In Stock ¥360
TKT74692 Takara Tomy #063 Maeda Crab Crane In Stock
Orders usually filled within 7-9 days
TKT74676 Takara Tomy #085 Mitsubishi Pajero Discontinued ¥360
TKT74678 Takara Tomy 1/67 #109 Nissan Serena Discontinued ¥360
TKT74680 Takara Tomy 1/63 #027 Toyota Corolla Axio Discontinued ¥360
TKT74690 Takara Tomy #036 NEXCO Road Indicator Car Discontinued ¥360
TKT74694 Takara Tomy #006 Honda Little Cub Discontinued ¥360
TKT74696 Takara Tomy 1/62 Nissan Skyline Four-Door Discontinued ¥360
TKT74698 Takara Tomy #076 Isuzu Giga Damp Discontinued ¥360
TKT74700 Takara Tomy 1/56 Daihatsu Mira Discontinued ¥360
TKT74702 Takara Tomy 1/57 #008 Nissan Pino Discontinued ¥360
TKT74704 Takara Tomy 1/60 Suzuki Swift Sport Rally Cup Car Discontinued ¥360
TKT74706 Takara Tomy 1/64 Honda Civic Type R Discontinued ¥360
TKT75918 Takara Tomy #061 Suzuki Swift Sports Discontinued ¥360
TKT76409 Takara Tomy #010 Subaru Sambar Bakery Discontinued ¥360
FAV47069 Favorite Co., Ltd Baby Gamera Discontinued ¥400
FAV47071 Favorite Co., Ltd Gamera Standing Discontinued ¥400
FAV47073 Favorite Co., Ltd Avant Gamera Standing Discontinued ¥400
PRO09862 Pro-Hobby 1/144 "Face Series" Church-1 Discontinued ¥400
PRO09863 Pro-Hobby 1/144 "Face Series" Farm House-1 Discontinued ¥400
PRO09864 Pro-Hobby 1/144 "Face Series" Private House-1 Discontinued ¥400
TKT75936 Takara Tomy Nissan Skyline GTS / HR31 Discontinued ¥400
TKT75937 Takara Tomy Nissan Skyline GT-R / BCNR32 Discontinued ¥400
TKT75938 Takara Tomy Nissan Skyline GT-R / BCNR33 Discontinued ¥400
TKT75939 Takara Tomy Nissan Skyline GT-R / BNR34 Discontinued ¥400
TKT75940 Takara Tomy Nissan Skyline 350GT / CPV35 Discontinued ¥400
TKT77309 Takara Tomy Nissan Skyline GT-R Patrol Car / BCNR33 Discontinued ¥400
PRO09913 Pro-Hobby 1/144 Delinquent Youngsters Discontinued ¥480
PRO09917 Pro-Hobby 1/144 IJN Maintenance Crew: Banzai Discontinued ¥480
PRO09918 Pro-Hobby 1/144 IJN Maintenance Crew: Wave Hat Discontinued ¥480
PRO09919 Pro-Hobby 1/144 IJN Maintenance Crew: Ready Flight Discontinued ¥480
PRO09920 Pro-Hobby 1/144 IJN Maintenance Crew: Ready For Take Off Discontinued ¥480
PRO09922 Pro-Hobby 1/144 Japanese Gravesite Visit Discontinued ¥480
PRO09923 Pro-Hobby 1/144 Shishimai Discontinued ¥480
PRO09928 Pro-Hobby 1/144 Factory Workers Discontinued ¥480
TKT74032 Takara Tomy Tomica Mitsuoka Le Seyde Pirates of Caribbean 3 Discontinued ¥480
TKT74033 Takara Tomy 1/58 D-34 Mitsubishi i Ratatouille Discontinued ¥480
TKT74040 Takara Tomy 1/66 D-21 Toyota Mega Cruiser The Pirates of Caribbean Discontinued ¥480
TKT76545 Takara Tomy 1/57 D-22 Honda Civic GL Chip & Dale Discontinued ¥480
TKT76546 Takara Tomy 1/57 D-35 Daihatsu Move Custom Stitch Graphics Discontinued ¥480
TKT77094 Takara Tomy 1/61 D-36 Mitsuoka Viewt NBC Discontinued ¥480
TKT77147 Takara Tomy 1/60 Mitsubishi Pajero Jack Skellington Discontinued ¥480
TKT77397 Takara Tomy Super GT Yellow Hat YMS Moba HO! Tomica Z Discontinued ¥480
SEGD2488-A Sega Hokuto no Ken Figure Clock: Kenshiro Discontinued ¥650
SEGD2488-B Sega Hokuto no Ken Figure Clock: Raoh Discontinued ¥650
SEGD2488-C Sega Hokuto no Ken Figure Clock: Toki Discontinued ¥650
TKT78056 Takara Tomy Starter Eagrey Silver Discontinued ¥129
TKT78057 Takara Tomy Starter Eagrey Black Discontinued ¥195
GNZPK-013A GSI Creos Pinky Street #13 Repaint Ver Discontinued ¥578
GNZPK-014A GSI Creos Pinky Street #14 Repaint Ver Discontinued ¥578
HPR08058 HPI Racing HPI Die-cast Model Spare Box Discontinued ¥612
PLS47001 Pleasant Angels Rei Ayanami Bandage Version Lid Figure Discontinued ¥612
PLS47002 Pleasant Angels Evangelion Unit-01 Lid Figure Discontinued ¥578
AOS03961 Aoshima 1/350 German Tank Set A (Tiger I/StuG III) Discontinued ¥560
AOS03962 Aoshima 1/350 German Tank Set B (Panther/StuG IV) Discontinued ¥560
BAN903138 Bandai RHD01 Kamen Rider Den-O Sword Form Discontinued ¥560
BAN903139 Bandai RHD02 Kamen Rider Den-O Rod Form Discontinued ¥560
BAN903164 Bandai RHD03 Kamen Rider Den-O Ax Form Discontinued ¥560
BAN904141 Bandai RHD04 Kamen Rider Den-O Gun Form Discontinued ¥560
FAV47066 Favorite Co., Ltd Gamera Birth Discontinued ¥560
PRO09914 Pro-Hobby 1/144 Japanese Chess Discontinued ¥560
PRO09921 Pro-Hobby 1/144 Mochi Pounding Discontinued ¥560
PRO09933 Pro-Hobby 1/144 Construction Crew #1 Discontinued ¥560
PRO09934 Pro-Hobby 1/144 Construction Crew #2 Plasterers Discontinued ¥560
TKT74249 Takara Tomy Nissan Cedric Wagon Discontinued ¥560
TKT74250 Takara Tomy Datsun 1300 Truck Discontinued ¥560
TKT75505 Takara Tomy Toyota Mark II-L Hard Top Discontinued ¥560
TKT75506 Takara Tomy Honda Civic GL Discontinued ¥560
TKT75514 Takara Tomy Nissan Gloria Hard Top 2000GX Discontinued ¥560
TKT75515 Takara Tomy Toyota Corona 2000GT Discontinued ¥560
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