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JKW00001 Shigeyuki Mizuno Works Collection 01 from Dr.Shige's Junk world
 Price: ¥1,019 In Stock
MDGAM1709 Armor Modeling September 2017 (Vol.215) from Model Graphix
 Price: ¥1,314 In Stock
MDGAM1710 Armor Modeling October 2017 (Vol.216) from Model Graphix
 Price: ¥1,314 In Stock
SUNMAG1710 Panzer October 2017 from Sunday Art
 Price: ¥1,713 In Stock
ABRABSQ21 Abrams Squad No.21 from Abrams Squad
 Price: ¥1,900 Oct. 2017 Release

When do I have to pay for my pre-order?

MDAKSEX1709 Russia Tank Date Base #01: WWII from Model Art
 Price: ¥2,200 In Stock
GALGP1710 Ground Power #281 October 2017 from Galileo Publishing
 Price: ¥2,241 In Stock
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