2006 Nürnberg Toy Fair - page 3

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Again, with no specific release date, Tamiya has announced a 1/48 British Cruiser tank Cromwell. Tamiya's 1/48 German Tiger I Afrika Korps has been announced as well, with no specific release date. Keep an eye on our website for announcements! Coming from Tamiya in February, this is their striking 1/12 AKAI Yamaha YZR500.
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The 1/12 D'antin Pramac Ducati GP4 is expected from Tamiya at the end of March. Beautiful! Tamiya has announced that they're working on a 1/12 Yamaha YZR-M1 50th Anniversary US Edition, but gave no indication of a release date. Tamiya's new release of their 1/24 Raybrig NSX comes with new parts, and new decals from Cartograf; expect it in February.
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Check out the Cartograf decals -- -- and the new parts! Revell's 1/24 BMW Sauber F1 '06. Note that as the F1 season has not yet started, the markings for this kit have not been finalised, and when the kit is released, it will differ from the box art shown here.
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Revell's 1/72 FAUN SLT 50-3 Elefant and Sattelenhanger kit is expected to be released in October of 2006. For younger or beginner modellers, Revell's snap-together kits are a perfect way to get into the hobby! Their Millennium Falcon comes with figures of Chewbacca and Han Solo. Darth Vader's custom TIE Fighter, also a snap-kit from Revell, comes with a little figure of everyone's favourite bad guy.
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Revell's snap-together X-Wing comes with a Luke Skywalker figure. And their snap-kit of an Imperial Shuttle comes with figures of a Stormtrooper and what appears to be the Grand Moff Tarkin. Poor Tarkin. Tamiya's new 1/48 He162, including the engine and dolly shown in the photo (but not the Kettenkraftrad) will come with optional parts to display the engine pod open or closed, to show off the engine. No release date yet!