A Sample Of Our Price Brands:


What is this "Our Price" system? 

Long-time customers of HLJ are painfully aware of the unprecedented rise in the value of the Japanese yen over the last three years. Since 2007, it's up over 40% against all major currencies, and since we price our products in yen, it's made it that much harder to buy from HLJ.

To help our customers combat the soaring yen, we've decided to make a fundamental change in how we do business. We've started a new "Our Price" system. What that means is that we're permanently lowering prices on many of your favorite brands and items; a price that will stay discounted always and forever!

We'll be adding more exciting brands to this system as we go, but we're kicking things off with across-the-board, permanent price reductions on everything by Fine Molds, Sweet, ModelkastenMaster Box and more. There are also cuts on part of the catalogs of Pit-Road, and yes, even Tamiya! And in coming weeks and months we'll be rolling out discounts on anime and toy lines, too, so stay tuned (check the list above for the current listing)!

Scott T. Hards Our efforts to make it easier to buy from HLJ in these tough economic times won't stop with changes to our pricing, though. We've have many more changes and improvements in our web site and policies planned for the coming months. It may sound cliché, but when it comes to customer service, we never plan on being completely satisfied with the status quo.

As a side note, we'd love to hear your feedback about these changes and any other aspects of our business. Feel free to write me directly at scott@hlj.com.

As always, thank you for all of your business with HLJ!

Scott T. Hards, President