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1/6 S.A.F.S.

Toys McCoy

An epic project three years in the making, all the stops are being pulling out to create the ultimate replica of the S.A.F.S.! Striving to complete that perfection, a Summer 2009 release is planned.

The photos in this article from "Daytona BROS" magazine give us a brief glimpse of the uncompromising nature of this fantastic item! Although details aren't yet firm, the article indicates the planned release will be sometime this summer, with the price being around 100,000 yen. Production is planned to be limited to 700 units.

This special S.A.F.S. article is reproduced here in its entirety with the full permission of "Daytona BROS" publisher NEKO Publishing and Toys McCoy. Scroll down to read our translation of the text and for the link to Page 2!

7/26 Update: Now available for preorder!
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Our Translation:

"Maschinen Krieger" creator Kow Yokoyama has collaborated with Toys McCoy director Hiroshi Okamoto and Billiken Shokai's master sculptor Hiromoto Mihara to create the ultimate replica of the S.A.F.S., or Super Armored Fighting Suit, in impressive 1/6 scale! Slated for a Summer 2009 release, this massive 40cm-tall fully articulated S.A.F.S. will be a multi-media extravaganza, featuring ABS, PVC, and metal parts. Not only that, the set includes a fully articulated 1/6-scale female pilot figure created by Billiken Shokai's Hayao Hama. Of course, the pilot figure can realistically "wear" the fighting suit! All in all, this is undoubtedly the ultimate Ma.K. action figure!

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