Tamiya has unleashed the ultimate model kit of the IJN Yamato in 1/350 scale! This is an all-new tooling of the massive Japanese battleship, not a re-tooling of their veteran Yamato kit in the same scale. With access to the latest research on the Yamato, Tamiya has ensured the greatest accuracy possible in a model kit with this release! 



Following up on their M1 Super Sherman, here's Tamiya's M51 Super Sherman! Based on the M4A1 cast-hull Sherman, the Israelis created the most powerful Sherman variant ever with the addition of a 105mm main gun, HVSS suspension, and a 460hp Cummins diesel engine. This kit features all-new HVSS suspension parts, turret and gun parts, and more! 

A WWII era motorcycle with traffic control MPs. This is the late type M20, with the air filter mounted on the gas tank. 


This set features the Dewoitine D.520, a Citroen Traction 11 CV staff car, and two figures, one standing pilot and one standing officer.   Includes markings for three French fighter aces. 


Known by bike fans as the "pure replica" of the 4-cycle YZF750, this kit of the FZR750R features fantastic decals by Cartograf.

Also, the 1/6 Honda MB50Z will be re-released. 


The car driven by Ayrton Senna and Satoru Nakajima during the 1987 F1 season! Includes the pitot tube thatwas not included in the kit version. 
The photo shows the model of the  #12 Ayrton Senna version. The #11 Satoru Nakajima version wil be released at the same time.