Winter Sale 2018

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Starts Dec. 17
New Items Coming Soon!
Starts Dec. 18
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Special holiday gift from us to you! Japan Exclusive KitKats!
We're making this Winter Sale extra special with a huge lineup of KitKat bonus items! Every shipment sent during the campaign will receive 1 KitKat, and for every additional 6,000 yen worth of items in your shipment, you will receive one additional KitKat, randomly selected from the lineup shown below. Enjoy flavors like matcha green tea, as well as rare varieties like Japanese sake. Be sure to ship your package soon to receive one or more of these special treats! (See terms for details.)
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Winter Sale 2018 Conditions

• The sale begins December 6th, 2018 at 11AM JST, and ends December 20th, at 5PM JST.

• Our Winter Sale discounts apply only to in-stock special sale items ordered during the campaign period. Any order handling method is fine.

• Availability of Winter Sale items' stock is subject to change without notice. An in-stock item in your cart may go out of stock if our last piece was ordered by another customer before you placed your order.

• Items with a stock status of "In Stock: Orders usually filled within (time frame)" are not eligible for sale discounts.

• Refunds or price adjustments are not available for any price differences for items purchased any time prior to or after that item's period as a sale item in the Winter Sale.

• While supplies last, a randomly selected KitKat Mini will be included with every shipment of items during the sale period. Please be aware that the KitKat Mini is included at the time of shipment, and not at the time the order is placed. For every additional 6,000 yen worth of items in your shipment, you will receive one additional randomly selected KitKat Mini.

The number of KitKat Minis you receive is based on the value of items in your shipment, as follows:

From 1 to 5,999 yen: 1 KitKat Mini
From 6,000 to 11,999 yen: 2 KitKat Minis
From 12,000 yen to 17,999 yen: 3 KitKat Minis
From 18,000 to 23,999 yen: 4 KitKat Minis
From 24,000 to 29,999 yen: 5 KitKat Minis

And so on, in increments of 6,000 yen.

• In the event of unforeseen circumstances, we reserve the right to end the campaign early.

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