1/100 Architectural Model Accessories Series Set No.54 Chushingura, Report to the Grave Ed. Gray

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This is a paper craft book.

Terada Mokei presents its Architectural Model Accessories Series, a line of fantastic paper kits that are fun to build and display alongside scale models or on their own! These little marvels are easy to construct: simply separate the pre-cut parts and assemble into scenes as you like.

This, the 54th entry in the Architectural Model Accessories Series, builds a scene from the end of the Chushingura, the story of the 47 ronin, in gray paper. Parts for people, weapons, a gravestone, and more are included.

A craft knife, tweezers, ruler, and toothpick are recommended for construction (all sold separately).

How to Assemble Architectural Model Accessories Series Kits:

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Release Date: Mar 2019
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Manufacturer: TERADAMOKEI