1/144 AAV7 3pcs Set

by Modelkasten
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This is an injection-plastic military vehicle model kit.

The LVTP7 came into Marine use in the 1970s, succeeding the much shorter-ranged LVTP5 that had been in use during Vietnam. Fully-amphibious, its purpose was to carry troops from ship to shore. It could carry 25 Marines plus a three-man crew, with road speeds up to 45mph and water speeds up to 8mph. In 1985 the Marines changed the name of this machine to the AAVP7A1, to slide the emphasis away from being strictly a landing vehicle and toward being an armoured personnel carrier. Over the years very few significant changes have been made, though the turret has been modified, broadened and a grenade launcher added; the engine compartment can be completely water-sealed; and the newest machines feature an advanced armour kit with sandwich-plated steel over Kevlar, for protection from high-calibre fire.

Modelkasten's kit comes with three full carriers: one LVTP7, one AAVP7A1 (as deployed in the Gulf War), and one AAVP7A1 with additional armour plating (as deployed in Iraq). All are molded in tan-coloured injection plastic, with fantastic detail at this scale. The tracks and wheels are molded in single units, and fixed. When completed, they'll be a nice companion set for your "World Tank Museum" collection!


Code: MDKSP-02
Release Date: Feb 2005
Item Size/Weight: 8.7cm x 14.2cm x 6.3cm / 100g
Manufacturer: Modelkasten

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