1/24 18" Veilside Andrew Baccarat w/Tires (set of 4)

by Fujimi
$5.21 USD $6.51 USD


This is a set of plastic or metal wheels and rubber-like tires for detailing car models.

Here's a nice set of 18-inch Veilside Andrew Baccarat wheels with rubber tires. Includes polycaps for installation, although you may need to tweak them a bit to get them to fit your axles, depending on the type of car you're slappin' 'em on. These wheels are "handed," featuring unique left-side and ride-side patterns to the design, so you get the same directional "flow" on both sides of the car. Kinda limits your 7500-mile tire rotation options, but it sure looks cool!


Code: FUJ19302
Release Date: Feb 2008
Series: The Wheel
Item Size/Weight: 22.5cm x 10.6cm x 3.0cm / 70g
Manufacturer: Fujimi

Assembly Guide

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