1/24 R/C M1A2 Abrams MBT (Desert)

by Marui
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This is an injection plastic and metal radio or remote-controlled military vehicle model.

Here's a serious toy for adults.

Tokyo Marui has put together a fully-completed (painted and assembled) 1/24 scale replica of the M1A2 Abrams MBT that features radio-control of all main tank motions (movement, turn in place, turret rotation, barrel elevation), and that actually shoots 6mm plastic BBs from the main gun using compressed air (self-generated)! Using their own "Hop Up" system that puts a spin on the BBs, these travel up to 25m when fired with pretty good accuracy, and about 40 shots can be stored in the tank. The action is controlled from an original design, dedicated hand unit that puts all the controls in an easy-to-understand layout. Tank runs on eight AA batteries (about 60 minutes of running time if you use alkalines), which are not included; you'll also need a 9V battery to drive the control unit. Can climb a 35-degree slope on its rubber, belt-type tracks. Tank is a near-perfect replica of the Abrams.

A note about the plastic BBs. This tank shoots these BBs with some force, enough to damage plastic items and rip through paper at close range. They sting and can cause bruising if they strike exposed skin from close range, and could cause severe eye injury if they strike someone in the eye. As such, this item is not recommended for children under 14 years of age without parental supervision.

Note to owners of Marui's Type 90 in the 27MHz band: Marui has informed us that the Abrams, which all operate on one of six channels in the 27Mhz band, cannot be used together with the Type 90 in the same band. They will interfere with each other, and there is currently no way to solve this problem. 40Mhz Type 90s are not affected by this trouble.


Code: MRIBT-3
Release Date: Oct 2001
Item Size/Weight: 48.0cm x 26.3cm x 18.0cm / 2230g
Manufacturer: Marui