1/35 Wooden Refrigerator Assembly Kit

by Twilight Model
$6.77 USD $9.68 USD


This is an accessory parts set for use with military models (or used individually).

This laser-cut wood and paper model brings to life the nostalgic wooden refrigerators of Showa Era Japan.

Prior to the spread of electric refrigerators in the 1950s (mid-Showa Era), preserving fresh produce was a difficult task. The wooden refrigerator that was born in Japan at the end of the Meiji Era (the early 1900s) remained, for a long time, an expensive commodity that seen as a necessity in only restaurants and wealthy homes and was not easily obtainable for the average household.

This wooden refrigerator kit has opening doors on both the top and bottom. By going the extra mile and creating fresh produce items from resin clay, you can decorate the top and bottom shelves for an even more realistic look. And, you can pair this unit with Twilight Model's retro shaved ice machine for a great addition to retro Japanese home or restaurant models.

This kit builds one wooden refrigerator in 1/35 scale.


Code: TLMTAS-02
Release Date: Feb 2019
Item Size/Weight: 12.4cm x 9.0cm x 0.3cm / 10g
Manufacturer: Twilight Model

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