1/500 Space Battleship Yamato

by Bandai
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This is a posable, high-grade or better injection-plastic kit of a science-fiction/anime item.

Just in time for the eagerly awaited live-action "Space Battleship Yamato" movie debuting in Japan this December, Bandai serves up this fantastic all-new tooling of the iconic ship! Based on painstaking research on the ship's design for the original 1974 animated TV series, this 1/500 kit will measure 53cm (that's 20.86 inches) upon completion! The main guns will have impressive swiveling action, thanks to a built-in gear gimmick. Clear parts will be included for use in the first and second bridges, Wave-Motion Engine, and Wave-Motion Gun. A display stand is also included, along with six small craft: two apiece of the Cosmo Zero, Black Tiger, and Cosmo Tiger II. A snap-together kit that can be assembled without glue. Molded pretty much in color, but to really do it justice it will need some paint! 


Color translation: 
On page 8 in the instruction booklet, in the "Color Guide" section:
Above the line there are three colors. They are: 
Far left: Main Hull: Medium blue (90%) + flat black (5%) + white (5%)
Center: Red Area: Monza Red (90%) + maroon (5%) + orange (5%)
Far right: Bridge Windows: Clear green (100%)
Under the line:
Far Left: Cosmo Tiger
Fuselage: Light gray (100%)
Red Area: Monza red (100%)
Yellow Areas: Yellow (100%)
Center: Black Tiger
Fuselage: Yellow (90%) + orange (10%)
Black Area: Black (100%)
Far Right: Cosmo Tiger II
Fuselage: RLM Light Blue 65 (50%) + neutral gray (20%) + white (30%) 
Details: Orange (100%)
Details on Yamamoto's Ship: Cream Yellow (100%)


Code: BAN965514
Release Date: Dec 2010
Item Size/Weight: 59.0cm x 32.0cm x 9.2cm / 1120g
Manufacturer: Bandai

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