1/69 German A4 (V2) Missile & Trailer & Launching Pad

by Revell
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This is a set of injection-plastic accessories for detailing AFV kits.

We can't say it any better than the fine folks at Revell themselves:

"The A4 is the forerunner of all types of rockets, both intercontinental missiles and civil space rockets. It was the first rocket to go into military operation in large numbers and was to become a notorious legend due to its use in the Second World War. The idea for the development of this ballistic missile with a liquid propellant came from the German Rocket Research Institute at Peenemunde. The first successful test firing of the A4 (V2 = retaliatory weapon 2) took place on 3.10.1942 and had a range of 190 km. It was first used in warfare on 8.9.1944, by which time approximately 12,000 had been built. By March 1945 approximately 5,000 had been fired, 2,000 of which were targeted on London. The A4 had a range of approximately 380 km.

"The Revell Classics Line is a limited re-issue of select model kits from the 1950s/'60s or '70s. In order to ensure that this model kit resembles the original product as closely as possible, the packaging was made true-to-style using the previous original illustration as well as original decals. The construction manual in multiple languages contains detailed assembly instructions. This model kit was produced using the original mold that was manufactured more than 30 or 40 years ago. Insignificant deviations from the original model kit (formation of burrs or slightly imperfect fit) can be attributed to the fact that the mold was not used for a long period of time."

This vintage kit includes the A4 rocket with trailer, launcher, and three figures. The body of the rocket opens to reveal detail within. Very nice, and very nostalgic!


Code: REV87940
Release Date: Aug 2008
Item Size/Weight: 35.0cm x 20.7cm x 6.0cm / 280g
Manufacturer: Revell

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