1/72 McDonnell Douglas FGR2 Phantom

by Airfix
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This is an injection-plastic jet aircraft model kit.

One of the most famous machines of the Cold War, the Phantom F-4 was operated by both the Royal Navy and, in an altered form, by the RAF from the late 1960s until the early 1990s. The Royal Navy was the first export customer for the F-4, but wished to retain engine commonality across its carrier-borne fast jet fleet, so opted for their Phantoms to be powered by the Rolls Royce Spey jet engine. This necessitated a subtle redesign of the rear fuselage to accommodate the new engines, as well as changes to the electrical systems. The Royal Navy Phantoms were designed FG.1, wiht later machines for the RAF designed FGR.2.

The Royal Navy Phantoms operated from the carrier HMS Ark Royal, and were the only Phantoms operated at sea by another power outside the USA. But after the retirement of the Nay's large aircraft carriers, the Phantoms were passed to the RAF. In both air arms, the Spey-powered Phantoms proved to be a popular machine, able to carry large loads of ordinance a long way. While the Phantom never saw combat in British hands, it was always regarded as a capable and powerful asset to Britain's Cold War defenses.

Includes a strike camera, reconnaissance pod, and SUU-23-A gun pod, as well as decals for 3 versions. Will be about 24.4cm long with a wingspan of 16.2cm when completed. 


Code: ARFA06017
Release Date: Apr 2019
Item Size/Weight: 43.0cm x 20.7cm x 6.3cm / 600g
Manufacturer: Airfix

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