1/8 Louise School Uniform PVC

by Alter
$56.47 USD $62.75 USD


This is a completed and painted, fixed-pose figure.

What a neat figure! Louise from "Zero no Tsukaima" laughs delightedly as she floats in midair, supported only on her cape! Her masses of pink hair flow behind her as she kicks her legs with sheer joy. Permanently mounted to a round base, this beautifully shaded PVC figure is 16cm tall, and is ready to offer a different perspective from all the standing figures in your collection!Please note that the photos shown are of a prototype; the production version may vary. Also, figures such as this are mass produced and as a result some inconsistencies in finish and painting may occur; these are not considered manufacturer's defects. If you absolutely must have perfection, prepare to do some touch-up work on your own.


Code: ALT20202
Release Date: Mar 2009
Item Size/Weight: 21.5cm x 24.0cm x 20.5cm / 610g
Manufacturer: Alter