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1/8 Monster Gathering: Cecilia's Dinner PVC

by Coreplay
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This is a completed and painted, fixed-pose figure.

From the Good Smile Company website:

The start of the "Monster Gathering" original figure series created by the new figure company Coreplay! The first in the series is the lonely vampire princess who chooses to live as a human - Cecilia! The Monster Gathering series is a new series that features figures based on creatures of folklore from various parts of the world.

Cecilia is a vampire who has survived since the Middle Ages. Her kind once preyed freely on the blood of mankind, but over time quickly became hunted down by humans to the point that Cecilia is now the last living vampire. The very last vampire to continue her timeless life in the human world chooses to hide her vampire identity and resist the desire to drink blood in an attempt to live amongst humans unnoticed. This fine night she sits under the moonlight, drinking blood from a frozen blood pack to divert her attention from her hunger and loneliness.

The figure includes a booklet that includes a monologue by Cecilia, a short story about her character as well as the original illustration the figure is based on. Enjoy the start of the "Monster Gathering" figure series with a lovely figure and a booklet to bring out the unique atmosphere of the series!

Figure size: Approximately 20cm in height


Code: CPL92174
Release Date: Dec 2017
Item Size/Weight: 23.0cm x 17.0cm x 11.3cm / 500g
Manufacturer: Coreplay