Airtex APC-010 Minimo Compressor w/Airbrush Set (HLJ Original)

by Airtex
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This is an airbrush for modeling use.

Here's an HLJ original airbrush/compressor combo, featuring the Airtex APC-100R compressor and the Airtex Beauti 4 airbrush! The Beauti 4 airbrush is also an HLJ original item by itself, making this combo even more special!

Combo set specifications

Airtex APC010 Minimo Compressor

A small, lightweight, and very quiet air compressor for use with Airtex's range of airbrushes, including the HLJ original version Beauti 4! This compressor is designed to run on Japan's 100v electrical system, so be sure to check your country's electrical system before use; you may need a power converter.

Here are the tech specs:

  • Voltage:AC100V (50/60Hz)
  • Maximum pressure:0.1Mpa
  • Air displacement:3L/min
  • Power consumption:15/14W ±25%
  • Noise Output:40dB
  • Size (mm):130×90×100
  • Weight:812g
  • Connection: 1/8

HLJ Original Airtex Beauti 4 Airbrush:

The Beauti 4 airbrush is a lightweight aluminum-bodied airbrush developed by Airtex. The striking red finish is achieved via the "alumite" process, an anti-corrosion aluminum anodizing process that results in a flawless finish.

An HLJ original! Adding to the superior performance of the Airtex Beauti 4 with its 0.3mm needle, we've upgraded the usual 7cc paint cup to a 15cc paint cup and added teflon needle and paint cup O-ring seals to create this very special "HLJ Original" version! The teflon O-rings mean this airbrush is perfect for spraying lacquer-based paints, something you can't do with normal rubber O-ring seals. Instructions in Japanese and Chinese.


  • Double-action push-button type operation.
  • Tail cap with needle adjuster.
  • S-sized (1/8) threaded hose attachment joint.

Airtex Hand Grip Filter:

To keep water and dust out of the paint, attach this filter between the air source and the airbrush. Attaches with a standard S (1/8) connection on both ends (female to the airbrush, male to the compressor hose). 


Please Note: As stated above, the compressor operates on a 100v system, so please check your country's electrical system for compatibility. You may need a convertor to use the compressor with your country's electrical system. 


Code: ATX010SET
Release Date: Nov 2010
Item Size/Weight: 26.0cm x 14.4cm x 13.3cm / 1440g
Manufacturer: Airtex