Blackboard POSCA Medium Circle 8 Color Set

by UNI Mitsubishi Pencil
$15.52 USD $15.52 USD


This is a marker pen that features a felt tip.

Bring your blackboard art and advertisements to life with the POSCA blackboard marker series! They're strong against rubbing and even water, so they're great for use with indoor and outdoor blackboards alike. This set features 8 different colors, each with a writing line width of about 1.8 to 2.5mm. Order today!

[Colors Included in this Set]: White, red, yellow, light blue, yellow-green, green, pink, orange

Check here for other available colors and sizes.

Note: This marker is not intended for use with chalkboards, and is not a replacement for chalk. It may behave differently depending on the type of blackboard, and be difficult to erase.


Code: MBPPCE20058C
Release Date: Jan 2018
Item Size/Weight: 14.5cm x 5.6cm x 5.6cm / 170g