EX Weapon Set MMS Type Builder Grapprap

by Konami
$19.77 USD $23.25 USD


This is a posable action figure of a character from science-fiction/anime.

This cool weapon set comes with 24 prepainted parts that can be attached to an MMS figure body to form an MMS Type Builder Grapprap figure. (An MMS figure body is not included in this set. Any MMS figure body from the Busou Shinki series can be used as a body to form the Grapprap figure.)

Also included is a piece of paper with an access code for the "Busou Shinki Battle Rondo" online game at the official Busou Shinki website that allows you to customize your 3D figure and go for an online battle! Learn more about the Busou Shinki toy line and online battle game at the official Busou Shinki website.


Code: KNM13581
Release Date: Aug 2007
Item Size/Weight: 26.0cm x 13.2cm x 9.0cm / 290g
Manufacturer: Konami